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Germ Shield Silver Brings Antimicrobial Coating to All

What if you want the best to fight against the deadly virus, but at the same time you want something at a n affordable price? Is it possible to get the best solution without compromising in any aspect?

YES, it is absolutely possible!

You may be afraid that the surfaces around you be it in home, office, school, hospital, car, bike, scooter, elevator, etc., might contain a huge amount of germs and viruses that may infect you anytime anywhere. This fear and anxiety can haunt you everywhere and it is quite relatable because the micro-organisms can be transmitted by any medium, even air.

So, you will search for something that will be effective and will suit your pocket as well. For this very reason, Germ Shield Silver service has been introduced by Droom.

What is Germ Shield Silver?

germ shield silver

Germ Shield Silver is an antimicrobial coating that can be applied on any surface to keep it virus free by killing 99.9% germs and keeping it effective for 3 months against droplet-based viruses.

Germ Shield Silver is certified by Biotech Testing Services, Nelson Labs and APT Testing and Research Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as National Toxicology Centre).

Is Germ Shield Silver better than other disinfectants?

Germ Shield Silver is the best and the ultimate form of sanitization service with antimicrobial transparent coating.

  • Thin silver nano particle-based coating keeps treated surface free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens like coronavirus
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Leaves no smell and spots
  • Product binds to any surface resulting in a strong and durable coat
  • Protects the surface for 3 months

The other sanitization and disinfection services such as Industrial Grade Sanitization which lasts for 10 days and Disinfectant Spray lasts for 48 hours. These services do not involve the same product, procedure and guarantee offered by Germ Shield Silver. These disinfectant services may be cheaper or of the same cost as Germ Shield Silver, but when it comes to effectiveness, there is hell and heaven difference.

You can even ask for Swab Test to check the RLU value with ATP Meter before and after the treatment to confirm the effectiveness.

Promises of Germ Shield Silver

Germ Shield Silver service always stand up to its promises. Those are:

  • Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Binds to surface resulting in a strong and durable coat
  • Effective against droplet-based viruses and other germs
  • Protects surface for 3 months
  • Makes high risk areas of contamination absolutely safe for use
  • Leaves no smell or stains on the surface
  • Is non-toxic or safe to use
  • Comes with Germ Shield Silver Certificate

When the treatment is done, you will be handed over a Germ Shield Silver Certificate, which states the treatment has been conducted and it will be effective for next 3 months. Germ Shield Silver is certified by Biotech Testing Services, Nelson Labs and APT Testing and Research Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as National Toxicology Centre). Nelson Labs tested the effectiveness of the chemical on coronavirus, APT tested for non-toxicity of the chemical and Biotech has several results stating that the chemical is effective on viruses, can be used on multiple surfaces, etc.

Where Germ Shield Silver protection be applied?

It can be applied on any surface be it metal, non-metal, wood, fiber, etc. But Germ Shield Silver Service is typically meant for sensitive areas which are open to common usage and where the risk of contamination is more through contact.

Germ Shield Silver is great for any vehicle, be it car, bike, scooter, etc., elevators, and facilities such as home, office, hospital, school, factory, gym, shops, and many other places. In each place, the highly sensitive areas must be applied to this treatment. For example, if it is a car, door handles, dashboard, steering, seats, start key, and coffee mug holder, must be sanitized.

Germ Shield Silver Prices

The most attractive and interesting part about Germ Shield Silver is its price point. It is the best antimicrobial treatment at the most reasonable price. It is cheaper than the normal sanitization services in the market, but its offerings are much higher than the industry standards.

The starting price Germ Shield Silver of automobiles is Rs. 239, the starting price for elevators is Rs. 279 and for facilities is Rs. 6 per sq. ft.

Are the prices and offerings matching your expectation to get rid of the deadly viruses? Then, it’s time to book the service to protect you and your family and remain secured and tension free.

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