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Is Going Back to School Safe?

We cannot even think of risking the lives of our children. They are our most loved ones and are vulnerable and susceptible towards any infection. At this moment, it will be risky to get our children outside home or even send them to school.

Healthy children are happy children. Happy children keep parents and home happy. Children are restless by nature. They like to speak, share items, and play with classmates. In school, students need to share books or other articles. They need to change classrooms to attend classes. This naturally leads to the spreading of pathogens. Schools and every important article frequently used in a school should be sanitized regularly. It’s always feasible to take expert assistance for school sanitization process. Experts know how to keep different facilities free from germs.

antimicrobial treatment for school

Is my child safe going back to school?

Children are vulnerable to contagious diseases because their immunity is not as strong as an adult. At the same time, you also need to keep in mind that children cannot sit idle for a long time. They are restless, they touch everything around them, and play with classmates. So, it’s necessary to know how serious the school authority is in the matter of sanitization and hygiene? Keeping any education facility germ-free is not a big issue these days since top-standard sanitization process like antimicrobial coating is readily available.

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This antimicrobial coating has multiple benefits –

  • It keeps a facility sanitized for several months.
  • It can kill 99.9% germs without fail and stops spreading contagious diseases.
  • It can be used on any surface – metal or non-metal, porous and semi-porous, hard or soft.
  • It has no side-effects, so students are always safe.

If you are ensured that the school is sanitized regularly, teachers and authority are following safety tips, bathrooms and drinking water facility is kept clean and sanitized, you can send your child to school.

Is going back to school safe for teachers?

Teachers know what is right and wrong in sanitization and hygiene. Teachers remain busy during school hours, they move from one classroom to another, they visit labs and libraries, and they interact with guardians. So, teachers are not safe either in an environment where microbes are moving freely.

The school must remain sanitized with the help of professional school disinfection services. Teachers should discuss the matter and importance of school disinfection with the administration. Once they are confident that the school is in fine condition and safe, they can attend the school daily. However, they have to maintain all personal sanitization and teach students regarding the same.

Going back to school safety tips

Students, teachers, and office staff members spend a major portion of their day time in the school. So, the school sanitization and hygiene should be the top priority of every school administration. School administration and teachers should keep in mind that mere cleaning and dusting do not work. Complete sanitization with the help of professionals or with the best sanitizers is necessary. Here is the sanitization checklist for school:

  • Every classroom should be sanitized with care. Furniture in a classroom, i.e. the sitting arrangement of the students and teachers should be sanitized properly.
  • Laboratory articles, especially those frequently touched and shared are to be sanitized.
  • The library should be sanitized along with almirahs, tables and chairs, computers, and books.
  • Computer labs should be sanitized without fail. Computer accessories like mouses and keyboards are free places for germs. Extreme care is required while cleaning and sanitizing computer accessories.
  • Every door including locks and knobs, windows, and cupboards are to be sanitized thoroughly.
  • Floors and walls of the whole facility are to be cleaned with sanitizers regularly.
  • Bathrooms, sinks, and drinking water facilities are to be cleaned and sanitized systematically.

Apart from the above aspects, waste management should be given the top priority in the school. Wastebaskets need to be there in sufficient quantities everywhere on the school premises. Hand sanitizers and tissue papers must be kept everywhere, so that children and teachers can clean their hands after certain intervals.

One more thing that you should ensure is what kind of sanitization services they are opting for. If school is choosing a normal disinfectant spray or sanitization service, then it will be effective for next 48 hours or max. 10 days. A school should always choose an antimicrobial coating that will not only kills existing microbes, but also inhibits the growth of germs and viruses for the next 90 days or 3 months.

Germ Shield for school

Germ Shield is the best antimicrobial coating, the most modern sanitization technique and long-term solution for facilities including educational institutions –

  • Germ Shield uses AI-backed antimicrobial techniques for sanitizing any facility.
  • Germ Shield is an authentic antimicrobial coating for schools and other facilities.
  • Germ Shield keeps a place 99.9% germ-free and stops spreading of germs completely.
  • Germ Shield remains effective for three months.
  • Germ Shield has no side-effects.

The antimicrobial coating offers a permanent sanitization solution. So, if the school is following Government norms and sanitizing the school premises with utmost seriousness, students and teachers will remain healthy and hearty.

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