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How to Make Hospital Safe for Others?

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations contribute to the national development of a country in a rather significant way. Some of the most developed countries in the world with prudent leadership have invested in their healthcare systems even when there was no dire crisis. They have been successful in meeting the current situation of acute global health threats. Truly hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, and other medical infrastructure are playing an undisputed role in saving the lives of millions. They are acting as the immediate frontline between the deadly virus and the lives of millions of people. Hence the hospitals and their staffs face the potential threat of infection from the deadly microbes. To safeguard the hospitals, their staffs and other patients in the hospital from the grave health threat hospital sanitization is the only effective solution.

antimicrobial coating for hospital

Why hospital sanitization is mandatory?

Hospitals are places where patients suffering from various ailments are treated back to normal health. These places contain a wide assortment of items – furniture, medical equipment, electronic monitoring equipment, washroom fittings, regular electrical switches, doors, and window knobs and handles, curtains and so much more. Besides, there are staircases, staircase railings, elevators, and lifts, etc. Contamination from microbes can occur from touching all these places and surfaces. Through proper hospital disinfection services, these surfaces can be made safe for use.

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We have to remember that in hospital there are other patients too who are suffering from some other diseases, there are doctors and nurses who are constantly taking care of each and every patient. These people have not yet got in contact with infectious disease, but they are prone to. Each moment they are risking their lives. Anytime they are touching those surfaces, which may complicate the situation manifold. That is the reason why hospital sanitization is mandatory.

Is hospital safe at the moment?

It has been mentioned at the very opening of the discussion, the hospitals are the places where patients suffering from different ailments are being treated. This is the essential purpose for which hospitals and nursing homes are created. So quintessentially hospitals, their staffs, and even the general people visiting are exposed to a string of deadly microbes. It is one of the places where getting infected by dangerous microbes is rather likely. This threat has increased by several times in the present. Owing to the global pandemic threat, hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care organizations are exposed to extreme threats of infection and community spread. But that does not mean doctors and nurses are running away to save their own lives. They are very much standing within the hospital and fighting with danger. Hospital is not safe at the moment, but we have to make it safe for our heroes and for other patients. Seriously the hospital disinfection has become all the more imperative in the present times.

Is the area around hospital safe?

To combat a situation and the prevailing health threat, we must have a proper idea about its exact extent. When we say that hospitals are infection-prone areas, then we mean more than the interiors of the hospitals. Even the immediate surroundings like the car parking area, the entrance, or the immediate drive within the gates of the hospital premises are danger prone areas. At the time of sanitization, these areas must also be well treated.

Is working in a hospital safe?

Given the account of the health threats to which hospitals and nursing homes are subjected to, working in these places comes with a certain or huge quotient of danger. However, this does not mean that we cannot continue with our jobs in hospitals. It must be remembered at this stage that even the support of administrative staffs is just as important as the core medical staff. The former plays a very significant role in the functioning of the hospitals and the later takes care of the smooth-running mechanism of the institution along with the safety measures being taken. With proper measures of safety like antimicrobial coating for hospital people can normally continue their work in these institutions.

How to ensure patient safety in the hospital?

To ensure safety of the hospitals the following steps can be taken:

  • Ensure proper cleaning of the hospital area – both the internal and external spaces.
  • Proper antimicrobial treatment of the places to protect against future microbe infection.
  • Protective gears must be given, and protective measures must be taken to safeguard the other patients in the hospital.
  • Separate wards must be created to treat infected patients and other patients.
  • Doctors and nurses must be different in each ward or they must sanitize themselves before paying a visit to other patients within the hospital.

The other patients may not be infected with these deadly viruses, but they are weak and are highly prone to get infected with those viruses. Thus, special protection must be taken to safeguard those patients primarily. If they are aged or infant, have heart disease, respiratory issues, cancer or any other serious issues, then without proper protection, they may even loss the life battle.

Germ shield for hospital

A normal or basic sanitization, disinfectant or cleaning service is not at all relevant for a hospital or nursing home. Here, you are directly dealing with the deadly viruses, you cannot take the risk. A hospital needs something extraordinary that will not only kill the existing germs and viruses but will also inhibits the growth of it for a long-term. Germ Shield for hospital is an antimicrobial coating that covers all the surfaces of the hospitals with an invisible & odourless layer that forms invisible spikes on the treated surface, which kills and eradicates any present microbe and also protects the surface from microbe invasion for the coming 90 days. This is a US patented technology that is fast and easy in application and suitable for all types of surfaces and materials. It can be applied to furniture, electronic gadgets, and medical equipment. It successfully kills 99.9% of microbes including the droplet-based virus like SARS. This treatment is completely safe for everybody and offers superior grade sanitizing protection not only to the hospital building, but also to each and every member who is coming to the hospital.

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