Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance: What is It?

Whenever you are on the road driving freely on your own vehicle, there is a chance you may found yourself stranded. It may happen anytime anywhere. You may be stuck in the mid of the road at 2AM with your whole family. What will do at that point of time? You will obviously call for help. Your instant reaction will be to stop the other passing vehicles or call someone to arrange something in emergency. But won’t it be better to be prepared beforehand? There comes the role of roadside assistance.

roadside assistance services

In this article, we will be covering these following topics:

  • What is Roadside Assistance?
  • What are the benefits of Roadside Assistance?
  • What is the importance of Roadside Assistance?
  • How to find roadside assistance near me?
  • What is Roadside Assistance meaning in Insurance?
  • Is breakdown cover and roadside assistance the same?
  • Make an informed decision

Let’s discuss in detail.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is the instant help provided by the professional technicians on the spot, whenever your car breaks down. The assistance will be available anywhere anytime and they are just one communication away. The situation can be worst, but with car roadside assistance everything can be handled smoothly.

Usually, in a breakdown situation, people search for roadside assistance near me; this gives the local listing searches. It is not a good idea to handle the situation once you are into danger. As a sensible person, you should always be prepared beforehand.

If you have a vehicle, be it car, bike, or scooter, you will carry your license, vehicle papers, insurance policy, and pollution report, while you are on road. The fifth thing you must avail is roadside assistance.

What are the benefits of Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is a savior when you are driving on roads. While you avail the RSA service for any emergency make sure that your roadside assistance package includes these benefits:

  • 24×7 roadside assistance
  • Punctured/flat tyre replacement
  • Minor repair service
  • Dead battery assistance
  • Jumpstart service
  • On-road key lockout assistance
  • Tele assistance & emergency message relay
  • City route & map guidance
  • Service delivery within 29 minutes
  • Highway service
  • Towing (Vehicle to Vehicle)
  • Fuel up to 5 litres
  • Key replacement
  • Pick & drop service

Do not settle down for any roadside assistance service, below these facilities.

What is the importance of Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is an essential and must-to-have service for car, bike, and scooter. The importance of roadside assistance become prominent in situations like:

  • Stranded on the road with your family at midnight
  • Faced electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • Dead battery so vehicle not starting
  • Damaged tyre and no spare tyre available
  • Caused damaged to your vehicle while theft attempt
  • Locked keys inside
  • Stuck in snow or mud
  • Met an accident
  • Stranded on highway and no signs of nearby garage

There can be any situation, even other than these, where you may feel helpless and want to call out for help. For any emergency, 24×7 roadside assistance acts as a rescuer for you.

How to find roadside assistance near me?

To find any service near you, you will consult the local listing facility. So, start searching for roadside assistance near me from your location and check which all companies are providing facilities in your locality. But the need for car roadside assistance can be anywhere across the country as you may never know when and where you can encounter an accident.

So, you need roadside assistance near you anytime anywhere. This will serve best if you opt for an online service.

What is Roadside Assistance meaning in Insurance?

While applying for vehicle insurance, check whether roadside assistance coverage is included in it or not. It is always better to have a comprehensive coverage of insurance and RSA. As we all know that car insurance is compulsory, roadside assistance is beneficial. So, it is always better to club the two offerings.

It is a good decision to avail roadside assistance along with insurance. No one will guide you with these tricks, but if you get the option, be a smart citizen and adopt it.

Is breakdown cover and roadside assistance the same?

There are some differences between the breakdown cover and the roadside assistance. There can be several types of breakdown and accordingly the breakdown coverage will also differ. Roadside assistance is covered under the basic module of breakdown coverage, but every breakdown coverage will not have roadside assistance facility.

Make an informed decision

Roadside assistance is not a must-have service, but it is a good-to-have service. It will be a helping hand for you anytime anywhere. So, next time when you are on road driving to your destination, make sure you have enrolled for roadside assistance for your vehicle.

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