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Tips to Keep Your Diesel Engine Healthy to Get Best Mileage

Diesel engines are giving out great fuel mileage numbers in comparison to petrol engines. Diesel engines are also more powerful than their petrol counterpart. This is due to the higher compression ratio in the diesel engines.

But the higher compression ratio also brings additional challenges to the engine parts. So, if the diesel engines require more maintenance than petrol engines. Regular maintenance is vital to the keep your diesel engine healthy.

So, here are some tips to maintain the diesel engines so that the fuel efficiency number doesn’t drop!

Diesel Engine Service and Maintenance Tips

Check here the list of diesel engine maintenance tips:

  • Check the Engine Oil

Diesel engines by design generate more heat than petrol engines. A prolonged high-temperature environment is not good for engine parts. To protect engine parts and maintain enough lubrication, engine oil plays a vital role. On regular intervals, you should check the engine oil of the vehicle.

how to keep diesel engine healthy

In fact-checking engine oil comes at the top in a car service inspection checklist.

The engine oil change intervals depend on different car models, driving style. The recommended oil change interval lies in the range of 5,000 to 10,000Km or a period of 1 year whichever comes first.

  • Inspect the Oil Filters

Oil filters are crucial to the health of the engine as oil filter prevents minute debris and particulates from entering inside the engine.

If the health oil filters are compromised, then the overall impact would be on the engine and fuel efficiency. If the oil filters are not cleaned and changed at regular intervals, then the vehicle’s fuel efficiency will surely go down.

One should replace the oil filter with a change in engine oil. But if that does not happen, then the recommended oil filter change frequency is around 15,000 km.

  • Clean and Change Air Filters

Inspecting and replacing diesel fuel filters is crucial to the welfare of your vehicle. The air filter accumulates the most dirt due to the engine. If air filters are not cleaned on time, then you are doing injustice with the engine’s performance which will eventually decrease fuel efficiency. Air filters need to be changed every 10,000 km to 15,000 km or every 12 to 18 months (depending on conditions). If you are unable to change air filter by yourself then you can take help of used car inspection services.

  • Check Your Engine’s Coolant

Coolant is necessary for the engine’s optimal performance. In fact, more than 40% of the problems in the diesel engines are due to the negligence of optimal engine coolant levels.

A coolant job is to absorb extreme heat generated due to running engine. Over time, the coolant becomes acidic and is useless for the engine. So, it is crucial to check the engine oil level at periodic intervals.

You can get the engine’s coolant changed in the second hand car inspection services. The best practice replacing the coolant with every oil change. Also ensure that the engine coolant meets the standards set by the manufacturer.

  • Draining the Water Separators

Diesel is more prone to contamination to dirt than petrol. Therefore, you should drain water and dirt from the diesel engine. If left neglected, it can cause corrosion and damage internal components.  Manufacturers usually install separate water separator which is used to remove water from fuel before it reaches internal combustion engine.

So, always drain water separators to eliminate any chances of corrosion or damage. This practice would ensure the longevity of the engine and thus maintain good fuel efficiency.

  • Leaving Engine Idle

When you turn on the ignition key, oil pumps out the oil to the turbocharger. This process however takes time, and this is why you should leave the engine idle for few minutes. You should never rev up the engines immediately after starting the car. This driving ritual is healthy for the engine and adds few more years to the life of the engine.

Using the above-mentioned tips you can increase the health of the diesel engine and ultimately get the best fuel efficiency out of the engine.

Also, there are many car professionals who provide you with a detailed car inspection report that covers all the essential inspection. You can get car inspection services at cost effective price with diwali offers on auto inspection.

Happy driving!

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