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School Sanitization Checklist – Protect Your School from Germs

Though school is the fundamental institution that is responsible for teaching a student and build his/her career, there is one more prime responsibility to secure the safety of the students. A school should ensure a completely clean and safe environment for both teachers and students. Because at the moment the proper cleanliness is the utmost safety. The school sanitization checklist provided in this article will help you in Germs and Viruses Protection to discern the importance of hygiene. It is related to several factors like waste management, the health of students and staff and overall cleaning services.

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School hygiene is often overlooked; however, it is the primary necessity for educational facilities. Also, eyeing the current situation of pandemic, some institutes may see – avoiding hygiene of the school as a crime. So, due to the lockdown, now is the best time to wage a war against the virus and extract all possible causes of contamination.

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Difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization in schools

Before getting on with the checklist, it is important to discern the differences between these three.

Cleaning: Removal of germs and dirt from various areas of the school. However, this process may not necessarily eliminate all the germs.

Disinfecting: School disinfecting services kill germs from various surfaces. However, a professional approach is required to achieve the objective.

Sanitization: This is the perfect combination of the cleaning and disinfecting process. Make sure to choose a professional company that provides classroom sanitization.

Sanitization Checklist for Schools

It’s good to be aggressive and take steps to restore the current living condition. But it’s crucial to determine the checklist of school sanitization in order to win the war successfully.

Step 1: Focus on the Important Areas

Cleaning a school is a massive task and therefore, initially, you need to focus on the important areas. These include:

  • Keyboards
  • Desks
  • Doorknobs
  • Sinks
  • Taps
  • Washroom

Protect your school from germs with a professional cleaning company that serves school sanitization services.

Step 2: Routine Detailed Cleaning and Sanitization

Due to the lockdown situation, as students are out of the school premise, this can be the best time to hire the professionals and choose for routine cleaning. They can help you with:

  • Complete sanitization to diminish the spread of contamination
  • Provide you with the best cleaning solution that works
  • The professional approach of cleaning to leave the areas in pristine condition

Step 3: Focus on the Secondary Objective

After getting all the important areas of a classroom, ready and cleaned, it’s time to sway your focus on the secondary objective. This means cleaning and disinfecting office rooms, hallways, and playgrounds. This is also an important part of the school sanitization checklist!

  • Consider hiring a professional team of cleaners who are trained to provide school sanitization services
  • Leave the office rooms and hallways free from clutter to help in the cleaning process
  • Make sure that the company is equipped with upholstery cleaning equipment

Why isn’t it possible to do it on your own?

Many school owners may look to clean the premises and classrooms through their general housekeeping services. But this isn’t enough if you want to make sure completely cleaned areas. Professional school disinfecting services are incomparable when it comes to health and safety. A company providing such services can handle the waste safely to prevent further contamination.

Moreover, they use safe cleaning products that do leave an impact on the students. Strong odor and other side-effects from the cleaning products may make the kids uncomfortable while being in the classroom. Protect your school from germs by hiring the best team of specialized cleaners.

Classroom sanitization is an important contribution to ensure the utmost health and safety for both teachers and students. It is imperative to operate in a pleasant environment to make them productive in teaching and studying.

Swab Test with RLU Level for School Sanitizing Services

Cleaning, sanitization or disinfection procedures won’t help; only results will do. So, you need to ensure which places to be sanitized and what will be the outcome. This can only be determined by a Swab Test with the help of an ATP Meter, which will clearly state what is the RLU level of the surface.

You will be shocked to know that:

 Doors, Cafeteria, Computer Lab, Guard Room – High risk area

Staff Room, Play Area, Reception, Elevator – Medium risk area

 Classrooms, Lab, Multi-Media Room, General Office, Stairs-Railing– Low risk area

Germ Shield for Schools

Germ Shield is the most advanced formula for the sanitization procedure that creates an imperceptible shield on every surface where this is applied. Germ Shield kills 99.99% of germs and keeps the place microbes-free for 90 days. It has been proven to be an effective antimicrobial shield treatment that can even kill the most contagious viruses and hundreds of other germs.

This innovative sanitization method can add extra protection for cars, bikes, elevators, and buildings along with your school. Germ Shield for school will ensure that there is no chances of germs and viruses left behind and no student or teacher gets infected ever.

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