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The world has been passing through a tough time. Perhaps, it’s an unprecedented emergency that none of us has experienced in our lifetime. Highly contagious and deadly virus spreading like a wildfire killing thousands of people worldwide every day. Hardly any country is spared from the pernicious grip of this invisible enemy. Social distancing and sanitization are two indispensable mantras to dodge this virus and stop its unhindered movement. As we talk about sanitization, antimicrobial coating obviously takes the centre stage of the discussion. Antimicrobial coatings can save our daily usable elements including our vehicles from all types of pathogenic microbes.

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No discussion of sanitization could be complete if you don’t explain to people the safety part of antimicrobial coatings. Some people are sceptical about its safety, they think it can cause fires. Some newspaper reports have even created a big question is microbial coatings are safe from fire? Let’s get into it in more detail.

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What are antimicrobial coatings?

As the name suggests, antimicrobial coatings contain an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of microorganisms. Such coatings are now widely used in vehicles, homes, offices, elevators, ATMs, and many other types of spaces that can come to human contact. Our bodies, especially hands carry millions of microbes. So, when we touch a surface some microbes are transferred from the hands to that surface. On that surface, the microbes start forming colonies and grow rapidly. Next time, when some other individual touches that surface some microbes transfer to their hands of the touched body-parts. Antimicrobial coatings can break that chain keeping the surfaces safe for human touch.

Basic compositions of antimicrobial coatings

Antimicrobial technology is dependent on two mechanisms – “Grafting to” and “Grafting from”. An antimicrobial surface which is a very thin invisible coating on a material surface is implanted through grafting of highly functionalized polymers like Quaternary ammonium ion-containing polymers can kill microbes effectively. Again, a group of nitrogenous monomers like 2-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate can be polymerized with atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) to make them biologically active in the natural environment. These products can reside on a surface for a pretty long-time in normal temperature and pressure. Besides, there are other methods of antimicrobial surface implantation such as nanomaterials, fluorocarbons, and development of superhydrophobic surfaces.

Is an antimicrobial treatment fireproof?

Recently, news from Gujrat came to the forefront that 110-125cc bike caught fire during the sanitization process. Somebody made the video and uploaded it on social media. Common sanitizers available in the market are composed of ethyl alcohol. The auto-ignition temperature of ethyl alcohol is 363-degree centigrade. So, there is no possibility of auto-ignition in this case since nature cannot develop so high temperature. There must be some external source of fire causing that accident.

Is Antimicrobial Treatment Safe from Fire

The modern antimicrobial technologies are completely fire-proof. Top-quality and effective flame retardants are added with antimicrobial polymers. These flame retardants can be mixed with the polymers as an additive or as a reactant depending on the type of polymer used as an antimicrobial surface.

So, the modern antimicrobial agents and even sanitizers can not catch fire on its own or in normal temperature and pressure. We need to maintain the safety guidelines associated with sanitizers. On the other hand, antimicrobial agents have in-built anti-fire property. You just need expert hands to implant antibacterial surfaces on anything you want.

Antimicrobial Coating vs Sanitization

Antimicrobial Coating vs Sanitization

The antibacterial coating is a long-term solution. It forms a film on a surface that sustains almost 90 days. It can reduce all forms of microbes up to 99.99%. Moreover, you need the help of experts to implant the antibacterial surface. You can have antibacterial coatings for most of the spaces and things you use or visit daily like the following ones:

On the other hand, sanitization is a short-term solution. It remains effective for a maximum period of 48 hours. If you are sanitizing a space or article, you have to do that almost every day. However, you can sanitize your hands every hour, you cannot use an antibacterial agent on your hands.

How you can get antimicrobial coatings?

For implanting antimicrobial surfaces, you have to book an expert service available for it like Germ Shield service of Droom. Unlike sanitization, that you can try yourself, implantation of the antimicrobial surface is a complicated job. It needs expertise and specific equipment. The Germ Shield of Droom is a proven antimicrobial coating that can be applied in 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers, escalators, ATMs, and facilities for complete germ-check. It remains effective for 90 days (if not more), which means everything you use will remain safe from pathogenic microbes.

The global antimicrobial coatings market, also known as antimicrobial coating India is expanding rapidly. There is every positive sign of its incessant expansion over the next 5 years. We can remain safe following the right process of sanitization and implanting antimicrobial coatings on our cars, bikes, offices, and homes.

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