How to Price Your Vehicle

Droom, India’s first marketplace for automobiles-has a number of unique offerings and tools for both buyers and sellers. Within a short span of 6 months, we have tried to address the very many common problems that have been plaguing this industry for long and have developed specific tools and mechanisms aimed to solve those. Solving these numerous issues has helped us grow at a very fast pace, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction and delight.

Optimally pricing the vehicle in question goes a long way in helping our sellers sell more, faster and smarter. Here are some tips on pricing your vehicle just right based on our historical trends and analysis.

Price Your Vehicle

First and foremost, to set the correct price for your vehicle, it is necessary to consult the pricing guides available freely over the internet. Benchmarking and comparison study helps in knowing what your competition is offering.

  1. It is also necessary to understand the demand of the vehicle in the market. For example, brands like Ferrari would always be in demand in the market, whereas, brands like Renault may or may not always be in demand and hence pricing would also vary likewise.
  2. Distance covered by the vehicle is also of concern as it is one of the primary determinants considered when pricing a vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle is accorded the price of it’s worth after calculating the distance.
  3. Replacements of the original parts contribute to lessening the value of the vehicle, hence; try to keep the parts original wherever possible. If not, please specify the same since customers tend to believe they are being misled.
  4. Take the help of the many online classifieds to give you a certain range within which to price the vehicle. Dealerships usually take advantage of the psychological factor involved with a used vehicle; therefore as a seller, it becomes all the more important for you to know the worth of the vehicle.

Even after checking this, still worried about, “what is the worth of my vehicle and how can I get the best deal?”, check out Droom’s Orange Book Value and sell at more than the price at offline dealerships, all while sitting in the comfort of your home. Our Orange Book Value would give you an accurate price bracket for your product, and also suggest the various formats your vehicle might be listed across to give you better deals. Our analytics and marketing team would make sure that the product is positioned in accordance with the market demands and help you sell better and garner profits.

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