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Auctions Available on Droom App

The curtains have been raised and the show is soon going to set fire to the stage. Yes, the most happening and awesome Droom Auctions is now available on the Droom app – which means you can now bid from anywhere, anytime. The convenience of your smartphone and your smartness can land you deals too awesome to even believe.

From bikes to superbikes and cars, all these machines are available for auction from time to time, and if you are looking out for a sturdy car for your next vacation, then our Droom app is a must for your smartphone. After putting in a lot of hard work and many brainstorming sessions, the feature has shaped up really well and has answered our primary quest of being customer friendly.

Droom Auction on App

Droom Auction on App

The main advantage of the feature is, it empowers our customers more – something that we have been striving to achieve, and would always strive to perfect, since our inception as a mobile-first company in the beginning of this year. The Auctions platform is highly interactive and the deals are all real-time based, hence the technology had to be sophisticated to be able to handle the traffic as well as real time changes and updation made possible. The feature has really added to our wholesomeness on the app and we hope, our customers would find it appetizing as well.

Download the Droom app and start your bidding!

Happy Bidding and Winning!


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