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How does Droom Work for Seller?

Droom provides a trusted and transparent platform to sell new and used vehicles. It is completely free, and you can upload as many listings as you want and market them to millions of internet users. Droom is a performance-based marketplace where you pay only when you sell. Droom seller can upload unlimited listings with zero listing fee.

The bare minimum requirement to list an item on Droom is the possession of the item with valid ownership documents. You just need to tell us the “Make-Model-Year-Trim” of the vehicle and we will auto-create the listing for you in less than 10 seconds. The latest and high-quality pictures of the vehicle are preferred for a higher or quicker sale.

We believe in transparency and give freedom to sellers to create listings on their own. Based on the manufacturer details for any model and trim, we populate some basic features automatically, to help you list the product in a fraction of seconds.

Droom also has a Verified Seller Program which is an initiative from Droom to build transparency and trust in the online automobile market. We encourage Droom sellers to verify their personal contact details with us to make it more trusted platform for buyers. Droom provides a “Verified Seller Badge” to all your listings, as a symbol of trust.

If you want to make multiple sales on our platform, we have the Pro-Seller program which is a subscription program for professional sellers. You need to pay a nominal subscription fee to be a part of our Pro-Seller community. As a Pro-Seller, you will receive a “Certified Pro-Seller” badge against all your listings, a dedicated Pro-Seller page to showcase all your listings, access to upload items in bulk via our easy-to-use technology, multiple seller-user accounts for employees, advance analytics to give you real-time sales and business insights, and many more advanced features to take your business to new heights.

Droom provides three kinds of pricing formats “Fixed Price”, “Best Offer”, and “Auction”. “Fixed Price” allows you to sell at a fixed price while “Best Offer” allows room for negotiation. “Auction” allows the seller to choose a starting price and sell to the highest bidder.

Based on our advanced analytics trends, we have found that providing exhaustive details, high quality pictures, competitive pricing (Check OBV), inspection report, history report, and a verified seller badge on listings make it very likely that your items will be sold within a few days. However, as we are primarily a technology platform to bring buyers and sellers together.

At Droom, we believe in empowering users via technology and each day we strive to make it a happy and rewarding place for our clients, be it sellers, buyers or enterprises.

Happy Selling!


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