Bike Selling Assistance – What, Why and How?

A bike is a precious asset for almost all the households. No matter how cheap or expensive your bike is, you are bound to have certain memories with it, and hence, some attachments as well. Haven’t we all been in a situation where we wanted some bike selling assistance when parting from our beloved bike! The struggle to find the right buyer for your bike is as real as you and us! And hence, Droom has its very own bike selling assistance program to help you out with the process.

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In this publication, we shall look at all the aspects of this bike selling assistance program offered by Droom. We will see what it is all about, why it is needed by the common masses and how it works.

What is the Bike Selling Assistance?

Bike Selling Help

The used bike selling guide India by Droom is a service developed for people who are looking to sell their bikes online. The online service helps you reach the most potential buyers out there from the comfort of your home.

The service is an easy way to connect with potential buyers in a large radius without having to know the person in the actual world. You don’t have to go looking for buyers, the service does the job for you. Hence, the service eradicates the need of having a huge chain of people you know, which is the traditional way of finding buyers. With no such restrictions, you can be sure to get the best price for your bike.

Droom Assist takes the details of your bike and shows it only to the customers that might be interested in getting the bike. The best part of the service is the ease of its use. Selling your bike gets so much easier when you can do it from your smartphone or laptop.

Why do You Need the Bike Selling Assistance?

Finding the right buyers for your bike can get very troublesome, especially with the limited number of contacts that a common man has. We usually look for the buyers among our contacts and the people that they know. However, even then, the circle is quite small to find the best buyer. That is why, in most cases, people have to sell away their bikes at cheaper prices, and don’t get the best value for their bikes.

The location constraints faced by people is also a problem faced by people in getting the best price for their bike. Also, when you sell your bike offline, there is no quality check for the bike, resulting in trust issues. Those reasons also add up in getting an inappropriate price for your bike.

All of these problems faced by the common population in selling their used bikes was identified by the people at Droom. Hence, they came up with the service to give you all the bike selling help that you need.

How Does the Bike Selling Assistance Work?

The bike selling assistance from Droom takes a variety of details from you about your bike. This information helps the assistant to get you the best buyers from the never ending customer base of the website.

You are asked the details of your bike like its make and model, year, location, etc. It asks you if you are comfortable with selling the bike yourself on the platform, or if you need some premium selling help. Thereafter, the condition of your bike is verified by the company professionals who come down right on your doorstep for the verification.

Upon verification of the bike, it is listed on the platform for potential buyers. The algorithm of the assistant works on the data of your bike and the requirements of its buyers, and then showcases your bike to them.


The Droom bike selling assistance is all the help you’d need to get the best value for your bike, with the assurance that your bike would be in good hands. It would save you all the time and effort that you would have otherwise spent in finding the right buyer for your bike. The selling assistant, Droom Assist is an effective, time saving and energy saving alternative for anyone looking to sell his bike.

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