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How To Sanitize Your Gym in Easy Way?

After a long break it’s time to slowly go back to our daily routine. Each and facility facility are opening, just like gym. But, is going back to the gym safe?

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Everyone is talking about immunity, weight loss, and a strong body. If the body is fit and mind is peaceful, everything looks good and life finds a meaning. And most importantly, then you will gain the strength to fight against deadly diseases. Keeping all these in mind people are willing to go back to gym. An increasing number of people across the country visit gyms to enhance immunity and build a stronger and attractive body.

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How Clean is your fitness facility?

Not only you, but every physical trainer or gym owner should also ask this question themselves. A modern gym is equipped with multiple fitness machines like cardiovascular machines, treadmills, rowers, upright bikes, exercise bikes, and stair mill or stair climber. Hundreds of clients visit a gym from early morning to late evening. Everyone comes here to stay fit but existing machinery and equipment can spread diseases if not cleaned regularly and sanitized properly. Like any other facility, a gym is also a common environment of hundreds of germs. As such every physical trainer or gym owner should undertake gym sanitization seriously.

Importance of deep cleaning and sanitization of a gym

Preventing the growth and spread of pathogens should be the priority for any fitness facility. As an owner of the facility, you should be aware of the fact that –

  • More than six hundred types of microbes including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and algae can grow on different surfaces of a facility if not sanitized professionally.
  • Microbes easily reside on a metal surface and untouched bends and corners, there is no dearth of such metal surfaces, bends, and corners in a gymnasium.
  • From the surfaces, contagious germs spread to the human body and the surrounding environment.

Several research works have been accomplished on the characteristics of microbes and the intensity of colonization of such microbes in gyms. These research works show that exercise machinery and equipment are breeding grounds of microbes and some of these microbes are extremely contagious and airborne. This is why –

  • Sanitization of every machinery used in a gym is a “big must”.
  • Sanitization of floor, walls, counters, and changing rooms or washrooms should be a must job in a gym.
  • Sanitization with the help of expert gym sanitization services should be considered.

Fitness freak clients get confidence when they know that their gym owner is serious about cleaning and sanitization. Word of mouth spreads faster than wildfire. The modern generation prefers to visit a gym that provides modern equipment, best trainers, and a hygienic environment.

The modern technique of sanitization for a long-term solution

From early morning to late evening, a modern and reputed gym never remains empty whereas sanitization is a time-consuming job. So, as an owner of the gym, you have to find out a suitable solution. If you adopt a traditional process of sanitization and gym disinfection job, you can keep the facility germ-free for 7-10 days at most. Everytime you can’t be sanitize each and every gym equipment just after the usage of one person. So, you have to think about some long-term solutions, that is an antimicrobial coating for gym. It’s the most modern technique of keeping your gym germ free for several months.

What is an antimicrobial coating for gym? How does it work?

  • The most important fact about the best antimicrobial coating is that it builds invisible spikes on the treated surface of your gym. So, once a person touches the surface of the equipment which is already treated the invisble spikes of ruptures the membranes of the microbes and germs and viruses on the hand and on the surface gets killed. So, no chance of spreading infection.
  • It’s an invisible coating of germ killers and disinfectants that protects any type of metallic, plastic, and fabric surface.
  • It can be applied in porous and semi-porous areas also.
  • It hinders the spread of germs from surface to surface, surface to the human body, and surface to air.
  • It cannot be felt or seen with naked eyes.
  • Once applied an antimicrobial coating works for several weeks and months.

Germ Shield for gyms

Germ shield is a highly effective and most modern form of antimicrobial coating –

  • Germ Shield’s invisible coating forms inviable spikes to kill the germs instantly.
  • Germ Shield can kill 99.9% microbes like germs, viruses, bacteria, molds, algae, and fungus.
  • Germ Shield for gyms is applied with the help of the most up-to-date technology.
  • Once applied Germ Shield remains active for three months or 90 days.
  • Germ Shield can be applied on any metal or non-metal surface including soft surfaces.
  • If Germ Shield is there, no other sanitization is required for three months.

Is going back to the gym safe?

This is the high time that we keep ourselves fit and healthy. You should ensure that the gym you visit uses antimicrobial coating like Germ Shield. Once you find that the fitness facility has the certificate placed on it, you can feel confident about the place. If you find your gym doesn’t have any such certificate, you can suggest the gym owner to do the Germ Shield treatment first and then call everyone to gym.

It’s definitely the time to go back to gym to stay healthy, fit, and flexible, but with proper protection and right move.

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  1. Gyms have started to open up slowly and started giving fitness sessions as well. It becomes a very major step to keep the gym properly sanitized. The tips that you mentioned will definitely be helpful and useful. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us.

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