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How to Protect the Entire Nation from Germs and Viruses at One Go?

The entire nation is running, hiding, escaping, and fighting with germs, bacteria, microbes, and viruses. No one knows the complete cure, so everyone is focusing on the precaution. Sanitization and disinfection are the ways to kill the viruses from everywhere surrounding you. But neither every sanitization process or chemical is effective against the deadly germs and viruses, nor the best product is available everywhere. To target both the problems, Germ Shield Franchise has been introduced by Droom, to protect the entire nation from germs and viruses at one go. Let’s learn how to make it possible.

droom germ shield franchise

What is Germ Shield?

An antimicrobial transparent coating on the surface making it virus-proof and giving 99.9% germ kill protection that is effective up to 3 months. Germ Shield can be applied on any surface to make it germ-free or virus-free for more than 90 days, and leave no stain, smell, or colour on the surface. It is available for vehicles, elevators and other facilities like hospitals, schools, offices, and residential complexes.

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Why Choose Germ Shield for Nation Protection?

  • Certified applicator with proper knowledge in it will be assigned for applying the treatment
  • Relevant post-service certificate mentioning the validity date of the treatment will be handed over by the technician
  • Sanitization service Germ Shield will be accompanied with Testing service Swab Test to measure the effectiveness of the treatment by showing before and after contamination level in terms of RLU value in the ATP meter.

For all the surfaces, prior to the treatment, the Swab Test is conducted to measure the RLU value, which can be approx. 2077 (Extreme Risk of Infection). But, after Germ Shield antimicrobial coating, the RLU value is bound to come down as low as 27 (Considered Food Safe).

How to Protect the Entire Nation with Germ Shield?

The parent company can be at one location catering to a specific part of the nation, but we are not alone. Each and every person is willing to donate even a little contribution in this fight against germs and viruses. Apart from germs, people are also fighting with economic downfall, business loss and a pay cut.

Germ Shield Franchise is the single weapon with the help of which we can fight against germs and viruses along with the economic loss. It is giving an opportunity to each individual, small businessman as well as corporate, to come forward and take the initiative to protect the nation from viruses as well make some money for themselves with this noble cause.

If you become Germ Shield Franchise Partner, you will get a license to offer Germ Shield, equipment on a monthly rental basis and earn more than Rs. 10 lakhs per year average profit.

Top 6 Reasons to be Germ Shield Franchise Partner

  • Chance to start own business being a partner to offer globally proven Germ Shield treatment
  • Developed technology of Germ Shield effective for Vehicles, Elevators, ATMs, and Facilities, including Office and Residential Complexes
  • Supplement avg. annual revenue of Rs. 21+ lakhs, by investing Rs. 7.5K monthly only
  • Low risk, lucrative prospects of growth & high rate of success
  • High stability as long-term high demand is expected due to the increased focus on hygiene in general
  • Complete support from Droom, including the acquisition of equipment and consumables, training of technicians and marketing

So, if you are on the verge of starting a new business or thinking of doing something good for society at the moment, this is the best way to do so.

Once you will agree to be a partner and the Germ Shield Franchises will open at every corner of India, there will be no sign of germs of viruses at any part of the nation. You can be a representative in a small part of a city or covering the entire city, district, state, or part of India. You yourself and your friends and family will be so proud of you to be a representative who will fight against all germs and viruses and save the nation and its people from several diseases in the coming years.

Be that proud figure, become Germ Shield Franchise Partner today!

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