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How to Jump Start Your Scooter?

Scooters are a highly popular vehicle these days. The modern scooters come with many bike-like facilities, but they are lighter than bikes and better fuel savers. Scooters are frequently used by commuters for covering shorter distances and it is more popular among young adults and elderly people. After a prolonged rest, your scooter may take time to start or may not start at all. Have you ever faced such situations? If not, you are soon going to face after lockdown. In that case, you need the expert support of  scooter jump start service.

How to jumpstart your scooter

The new-age scooters have state-of-the-art electric starting systems powered by batteries. As the scooters grow older, the batteries also lose their capacities. On prolonged idealness, a battery may lose the cranking amps to start the engine. If the normal procedure of starting the engine fails, you may need to jump start.

Steps how you should proceed to start your scooter:

Spot the Battery that Needs a Jump Start

Scooters have different designs; hence, the battery may not be found in a fixed place in every brand. Find the manual or booklet to get the internal design of the scooter. It helps in spotting the battery. There are two possible locations of the scooter battery:

  • It may be fixed near the fuel tank; in that case you have to lift the seat to get access to it.
  • It may be located under the footrest; in that case you have to lift the mat of the footrest to get access to it.

Every scooter jump starter service starts working in this process. In scooters, both wet and dry batteries are used. The battery cover needs to be removed to access the battery directly.

See the Battery Health First

Jumpstarting a scooter is not a big issue, but it may include some risk factors as well. Remember two things –

  • Jumpstart only when the normal process of starting the scooter is not working
  • Ensure that the battery is not in good condition

Modern scooters are complicated machines. If the battery is not charged at least 75% of its capacity, it’ll not be able to start the scooter.

How to Jumpstart Scooter – All You Need to Know

There are basically two processes. Let’s discuss in details-

Jumpstart with the Help of Another Vehicle Available

The best way to jump start a scooter is to use a rescue scooter most preferably of the same brand or at least the same power. Keep some jump leads handy.

  • Ensure that the rescue scooter is in good health and starting normally
  • Keep the rescue scooter off (Don’t start it)
  • Locate the battery of the rescue scooter
  • Connect the positive terminal of the rescue scooter’s battery to the positive jump lead of your scooter
  • Connect the negative jump lead of your scooter to any grounded metallic part of the rescue scooter
  • Connect the positive jump lead to the positive terminal of the battery of your scooter
  • Connect the negative jump lead to the negative terminal of the battery of your scooter
  • Turn the ignition key of your scooter on that and starts your scooter with the help of the rescue scooter battery
  • Keep the engine running
  • Unclip the jump leads as soon as possible and replace the battery cover in the previous condition

Jumpstart with the Help of Scooter Battery Jump Starter Kit

If you’ve got a jump start kit at home, you will not have to depend on any rescue vehicle.

  • Access the scooter battery and locate its positive and negative terminals
  • Ensure that the kit’s battery possessing at least 12volt charge
  • Connect the kit’s battery terminals with the scooter’s battery with the help of cables
  • Turn on the jump start kit to recharge the battery of your scooter that takes some time
  • Once you are ensured that the scooter battery is sufficiently charged you can try starting your scooter
  • Better if you can keep the left brake depressed that stops the unactuated engines from starting up
  • Once the scooter starts, you have to unplug the jump starter kit but don’t stop the scooter engine
  • Recharge the jump starter kit battery for future use

Scooter Inspection Service

If you can jumpstart your scooter by your own, then what’s the need of the expert technicians? Do you know by proceeding with the Jumpstart by your own you can damage your scooter completely? That is the reason faulty scooter batteries should get battery jump start service or scooter ECO inspection service and inspected only by expert technicians like ECO Ninja. Such service includes a comprehensive health check-up of any kind of vehicle like scooter, bike, and car. So, after lockdown when your vehicle will not respond to your call, you should call 9650080808, to jumpstart your vehicle.

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