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Future of Sanitization Business – Get a Branded Folio

The world as a whole including India has been collectively fighting a battle against an invisible enemy but unfortunately, it has already killed lakhs of people and hit the world economy the hardest. It’s now time to go back to work as the Government of India has decided to come out of the prolonged lockdown in three different phases. For the obvious reason, the industries are going to undertake some permanent changes. The focus is now shifting to cleanliness, sanitization, and hygiene. Every office, factory, workstation, retail shop, and other types of business premises will need sanitization on a regular basis. At the same time, vehicles, houses, educational institutions, banks, railway stations, bus stops, and airports also need sanitization. This is the high time you consider and explore sanitizing business opportunities. The demand for sanitizing services is going to optimize within a few months and it’ll increase steadily in the near future.

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Sanitization business – opportunities unlimited

Sanitization is one area that is witnessing unprecedented growth when the other industries are reporting recession and job cuts. These deadly germs and viruses have taught us to keep our surrounding and ourselves sanitized. Sanitization service providers are getting hundreds of calls every day for keeping business places, public places, institutions, houses, and vehicles germ-free.

Get Details on Droom's Germ Shield Franchise:

So, what can you sanitize?

  • Private and commercial vehicles – Scooter, bikes, sedan cars, hatchback cars, luxury cars, public buses, vans, delivery vehicles, etc.
  • Facilities – All types of public spaces, healthcare spaces, residential houses, factories, offices, and commercial spaces.
  • Elevators – Every surface inside and outside an elevator including elevator door and floor.

With your sanitization expertise, you can virtually sanitize everything. It creates an opportunity to expand your business with more and more clients seeking professional sanitization services from your organization. Behavioural experts opine people will get habituated with sanitization as without it, life will be at high risk. The best sanitization can kill hundreds of pathogenic microorganisms and also inhibits the further growth of those. Needless to say, the future of the sanitization business is very bright. This is the high time to grab the opportunity by rendering professional sanitization services. It’s not just a business but also a great contribution to the country.

Growth of sanitization business in India

Competition in this sector is yet to touch the saturation level as the number of players is limited with just a handful of brands are actually getting attention at the national level. However, the global pandemic has changed the attitude of consumers. As per the report available by Sacheerome Insightful Study, there is an overall 70% increase in demand for sanitization services across the country. More than 81% increase in demand for hand sanitizers have been reported in the western part of the country and a 67% increase in demand for hand sanitizers has been reported in North India. This data makes it clear that India is getting habituated with sanitization. Naturally, the sanitization business will witness steady growth in the future. The sanitizing companies in India will experience extreme engagement in the coming days.

Start sanitization franchise business

You can easily start the business taking franchise of a popular brand in this domain and get a branded folio. Having a brand name tagged with you, makes your business much ahead of other businesses in this sector.

Some immediate advantage of franchise business are as follows:

  • As the brand is already popular in the market, you will not have to work hard to establish your business. You can start your sanitization business as a part of an established brand. What can be more advantageous in this competitive market?
  • Franchiser takes many responsibilities on your behalf that includes supporting with resources and expertise advertisement and marketing, and expert advice whenever necessary.
  • Franchiser arranges all requisite training programmes and provides all sorts of updates from time to time.

Having strong support in the form of franchiser will, of course, help you expand quickly. You will also be able to render the sanitization services with the latest equipment, technology, and processes.

Germ Shield Franchise

Germ Shield is an amazing innovation of Droom. It’s an antimicrobial coating gives up to 99.99% germ kill protection and inhibits the further growth of it on the surface. Taking the franchise of Droom, you can start your sanitization franchise business in style as you will:

  • Become Franchise for most effective antimicrobial surface coating technique for sanitization
  • Earn Rs. 20 lakhs a year for you own facility with 65% gross and up to 50% profit margins
  • Less than 6 lakhs one-time investment and break-even within months
  • EMI and rental plans available
  • Full support for technology, training, branding, equipment and raw material

Droom offers all sorts of technical and non-technical support to make your business success within a short period.

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