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How do Bollywood Stars Protect Themselves from Viruses?

Bollywood – the name brings something greater than life image in the minds of common people. The star-studded Bollywood has always remained the center of attraction to the whole nation and Indians across the globe. Busy days, shootings, parties, meetings, marketing, and many more to keep the industry and stars extremely busy throughout the year. Moreover, the actors and teams need to move here and there for shooting and related works. Suddenly everything has halted, Bollywood is resting, studious are vacant, stars are all locked down at their houses or wherever they were. These days, Bollywood stars are active in social media showing how they are keeping themselves, properties, cars, houses, and everything they use sanitized. They vastly prefer antimicrobial coating that keeps facilities, vehicles, and all kinds of properties absolutely sanitized and protected from deadly viruses and other contagious microbes.

bollywood stars virus protection

What is the Germ Protection Outlook of Bollywood Stars?

As far as cleaning, hygiene, and sanitization are concerned, Bollywood stars don’t take any risk. Most of them are fitness freaks having strict exercise regimes and diet charts. At the same time, they never compromise on sanitization. As the antimicrobial treatment is now getting popular, Bollywood stars are using it to keep their houses, cars, and all other facilities germ-free. Antimicrobial shield creates invisible spikes on the coated surface, which ruptures the membrane of the incoming germs and helps in keeping every facility and vehicles up to 99.99% germ-free.

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You can see some Bollywood celebs have nine to ten-story houses with dozens of helping hands for daily chores. Some have big offices as well where hundreds of employees are working. Again, some have farmhouses, hotels, restaurants, showrooms where again hundreds of employees are working. So, they cannot ignore the sanitization and hygiene matters. They look for long-term solutions for germ-protection and not any cleaning service, so they look forward to the most modern form of antimicrobial germ-protection technologies like Germ Shield.

Measures Bollywood Stars Taking for Health and Hygiene

Needless to stay, health and hygiene are interlinked. If a facility remains dirty and unclean for weeks, hundreds of microbes start forming colonies on the metal surfaces and fabrics. It’s a natural process. If certain types of airborne or droplet-based viruses find a place to reside undisturbed, they begin to grow faster. The growth takes place really fast. Trillions of microbes form colonies within a few days. If this happens, it becomes difficult for anyone to sanitize the place completely. In that case, the only option remains to call skilled antimicrobial treatment service providers and let them do the needful. Bollywood celebs do not take that risk. They are proactive and can go up to any extent to keep their facilities and cars germ-free. That’s why they remain so active, energetic and fearless all the time.

Why Bollywood Stars Preferring Only Germ Shield?

Germ Shield is a unique formulation for complete germ protection of facilities and vehicles of all types. Special equipment sets are needed for their application. As such, it’s an advanced sanitization process when applied on any surface forms a fine antimicrobial coating that immediately kills most of the infectious germs and keeps the place germ-free up to 99.99% for three months. This means if anyone touches the surface treated with Germ Shield technology don’t get infected with any new virus not their touches could transfer any new stains of microbes to that surface. This is a highly effective antimicrobial shield that helps to stay healthy and safe. Before and after the completion of the process, they check the level of germs in the process spaces and provide certificates accordingly.

Which all Bollywood Stars have Chosen Germ Shield?

Bollywood stars find antimicrobial coatings as the best and most trusted long-term solution against infectious and highly contagious droplet-based viruses. Top celebrities like Angad Bedi, Kunal Khemu, and Soha Ali Khan are using Germ Shield technology to keep their houses and cars Germ-Free. Many more Bollywood stars have shown interest and have contacted Droom for Germ Shield service to get antimicrobial coating for their vehicles, homes, offices and other facilities.

Let’s hear what people we love and adore are saying about Droom’s Germ Shield:

Angad Bedi

“Sanitizing yourself is necessary, but what about our surroundings that need to be sanitized also. That is the reason I am using Droom’s Germ Shield treatment that gives 99.9% germ protection. The best part is it is a coating service, not cleaning, that lasts for 3 months. Then what is the need to fear. Book your Droom Germ Shield treatment and forget your fears.” @media only screen and (max-width:767px){.midframe iframe{ max-width:100%; height: 200px;}}

Soha Ali Khan

“The situation is far from under control, I am worried. We are coming in contact with germs on daily basis. Don’t want a cleaning service that won’t last. It will be good plan to go for Germ Shield, coating service for house.”

Kunal Khemu

“Droom Germ Shield is not cleaning service; it is a Coating that kills 99.9% germs and lasts for at least 3 months. It works on cars, bikes and even on homes. I just booked it for my bikes and car, and I shall now book it for our house. Until a remedy is coming out for the current pandemic condition, it is important to keep our loved ones safe and our surroundings sanitized. Stay home and forget fear!” @media only screen and (max-width:767px){.midframe iframe{ max-width:100%; height: 200px;}}

Cine stars remain extremely busy; however, they never make health and hygiene a trivial matter. They set examples for society. They know people follow them closely. The evolving antimicrobial protection gaining much attention from Bollywood stars and citizens across the country. Everyone is fearing, so all wants a strong weapon to fight against the virus as well as their own fear and live a fearless and healthy life just like these stars.

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