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Vehicle Sanitization Checklist – Car, Bike Sanitization Services

To safeguard you from virus, you need to maintain the hygiene – protect yourself and protect your vehicle from germs. Sanitization and disinfection are the best ways to deal.

What is Vehicle Sanitizing Service?

Sanitizing the vehicle means your vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected from any kind of germs and viruses and will make sure that it won’t get affected sometime soon. That is known as vehicle sanitizing service.

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You can protect your car from viruses by your own just by following vehicle sanitization checklist.

Vehicle Sanitization Checklist

Vehicle Sanitization Checklist

There are 8 steps to do it – let’s go step by step and see what are the things you should use!

Step 1: Vacuum the Interior

You should first focus on the interior and especially the floors.

  • Use a Brush to Scrub the Surface
  • Use a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in an Anti-Clockwise Direction

Look underneath the seat, seat track rails, between the seat and inner console, footwell and other spots. Just be careful that you do not remove any grease, while protecting your car from viruses.

Step 2: Clean the Interior Windows

While cleaning it is really essential to focus on each and every part. So, first clean the interior windows of car by using:

  • Use a Solution Of 50-50 Rubbing Alcohol and Distilled Water
  • Clean with a Microfiber Cloth

Rubbing alcohol will help to dry any kind of fog, condensation or oil and do not leave back streaks.

Step 3: Clean the Exterior Windows

It is not sufficient to clean the windows only from inside. So, exterior cleaning you will:

  • Use Glass Cleaner Solution
  • Use Microfiber Cloth
  • Use a Razor Blade at an Angle of 45 Degree

While using the razor blade try moving it in a top to bottom manner tightly overlapping parallel lines. While cleaning the exterior window, always remember to clean in a box manner, first do the corners, then up to down and then left to right.

Step 4: Clean the Upholstery

  • Use Interior Shampoo
  • Use a Foam Sponge
  • Use an Absorbent Cloth
  • Take Clean Water

Take the help all these, to clean particular Spot-Cleaning, Fabric Cleaning, Vinyl Cleaning or Leather Cleaning.

Step 5: Clean the Inside of the Doors

Inside the door is the place that gets dirty easily with shoes and your elbow rest and most of the time you tend to forget that part to clean. Some cars may even have control panels on their doors, so you need to be super careful about it.

  • Put a Towel or Cover on Control Panel on Doors
  • Use Cleaner Solution
  • Use a Wide Brush
  • Use a Smaller Brush for Control Panel

Step 6: Clean the Dashboard

You may miss any area but not the dashboard. Dashboard is always in front of you, so try to pick any dust or debris on it and keep it clean always, so that no dust particles gets inside through small openings.

  • Use a Soft Microfiber Cloth
  • Use Warm Water and Mild Soap

Step 7: Clean the Steering Wheel

Normal dust particles may not gather on steering wheels, as the driver keep on touching it. But the germs and viruses on the hands of the driver may quickly get transferred to the steering wheel.

  • Use a Brush for Tapping on Leathers
  • Use Interior Cleaner on Leather
  • Clean with A Dry Microfiber Cloth

Tapping on the joints will help to get rid of the dust and germs and make sure you get a 360 degree hold of the steering to clean it properly.

Step 8: Clean the Tires, Rims, and the Floors

    • Use Mild Shampoo or Soup
    • Use All Purpose Cleaner
  • Use EZ Detail Brush
  • Use Long Fender Brush
  • Use Smaller Brush

There is no doubt that the tires of the cars get maximum amount of mud, dirt and germs and it gets inside each and every detail, which needs a thorough cleaning procedure to be followed.

The matter of fact is that people gets confused between cleaning a vehicle and sanitizing it. At such difficult time, car sanitizing service or bike sanitizing service is the demand of the hour. You need to clean your car or bike, but at the same time you need to disinfect it. So, these 8 steps can be replaced with just 1 step: Best Vehicle Sanitizing Service – Germ Shield.


Germ Shield is an antimicrobial transparent coating on the surface of car that gives 99.99% germ kill protection. You will be able to get complete sanitization for vehicle, be it car or bike, to make it virus proof and also disinfect it from SARS and other droplet-based viruses. The most unbelievable part is that the car sanitizing service or bike sanitizing service will be effective up to 3 months.

Droom is ready to serve you and protect your car from viruses with its Germ Shield protection.

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