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How to Keep Car Interior Germ-Free without Damaging?

Sanitize and Keep the Interior of the Car Germ-free without Damaging Anything

Are you washing your car with lots of soap and water every day? You should understand giving importance to car cleaning is the demand of the moment. But, are you cleaning it rightly? Do you pay the same attention in car interior germ cleaning as you clean the outer surface? Do you know what deep cleaning is or how to keep your car sanitized? This is the high time that your attention shifts to complete and deep cleaning of every seen and unseen fold and corner of your car rather than making it shine from outside. As we are concerned about germs and viruses, experts are asking to keep our cars germ-free. Some strong contagious viruses can stay active for up to 2-3 days on the seats or doors. During this time, dozens of people can get infected from touching those infected surfaces. Hundreds of other types of viruses and fungi are there that are contagious and cause different types of health issues.

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Importance of Car Sanitization and Deep Cleaning

Everywhere we are getting information about how to keep our houses, clothes, and hands sanitized. You might have understood the importance of keeping ourselves and our daily usable things germ-free. Car is not an exception since it needs as much attention as the room you live in. In fact, it needs more expert attention for sanitization than a house as the interior of a car is made up of several types of materials like hard plastics, leathers, rubber, linen, metals like aluminium and iron, wood or plywood, and glass. All these materials are the perfect breeding grounds of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

car interior germ cleaning

According to experts, more than six hundred types of microorganisms including viruses and bacteria can grow in your car if not cleaned regularly. There are several parts of the car that are the pandora’s box of microbes such as the steering, doorknobs, gear stick, seat belts, clutch, accelerator, brakes, and headrest. Thus, virus protection for cars should be our priority right now.

Car Sanitization Services

Opting for car sanitization service is an intricate job. It’s not rubbing the doorknobs and steering or dusting the seats and windows. Microorganisms are the tiniest living creatures that can breed or colonize in different parts of the car without any visible outgrowth or damage for a pretty long time. That is why antimicrobial shield treatment for the car is so important. You have to keep trust in an expert car sanitizing services for keeping your car germ free. A typical car sanitization service includes the following:

  • Cleaning and sanitization of seats and car roof from inside
  • Vacuum cleaning of seats, floor, and roof from inside
  • Car doors including doorknobs cleaning and polishing
  • AC vents and boot cleaning
  • Dashboard and steering cleaning
  • Glass and windows cleaning, polishing, and sanitization from inside

Specialized car sanitization services use appropriate and permitted technology for this purpose to reduce the risk of any harm to the internal materials of the car or the passengers.

Germ Shield for Cars

Germ Shield is the most advanced form of sanitization process for your car. It is an antimicrobial transparent coating on the surface of car that gives 99.99% germ kill protection and are effective for 90 days. Germ shield has been proven to be an effective antimicrobial shield treatment for car that can even kill the most contagious SARS and drop-let based viruses. So, this advanced sanitization process can add extra protection to a car, especially if the car is used by several passengers almost every day. Normal sanitization followed by Germ Shield is the best way to keep a car fully sanitized for three months.

Regular Cleaning Keeps You Healthy

You should sanitize your car once a week. It is seen that people often keep outside of a car glossy while inside of it stinks. If your time doesn’t permit weekly sanitization, you have Germ shield for cars for protecting interior germ-free and can be assured up to 3 months. This is the high time that we all take this matter seriously. Keeping our cars germ-free is important for our health and also to stop spreading any unwanted, invisible danger.

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