Road Safety

Road Safety Tips from Droom. We care for your safety!

Automobiles are one of the greatest obsession, human kind has developed. They are fast, beautiful and a technological marvel in themselves. Apart from being an obsession they also have a significant contribution towards the rapid economic development the world is witnessing. Thanks to them, the world today is a global village. No place is too far! But as with every thing there is both a good as well as a bad side.

Road Safety Tips

In this case the bad being the alarming state of road fatalities and the poor standard of road safety currently practiced in India. For example the number of people killed in road accidents is twice than the number of casualties claimed by all the major diseases combined.

At Droom we believe road safety is of utmost importance. This is a Info-graph highlighting certain facts about the current state of road safety in India and tips to improve them. We urge one and all to follow road safety properly.



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