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How to Sanitize Your Office in Easy Way?

It is really hard to get rid of germs and viruses, but we have to try it. Similarly, property managers and real estate owners should be well aware of the concerns and may be searching for how to address or monitor this.

The long-reaching effects of deadly virus continue to alter the ways of everyday business conduction and other professional practitioners. They are adapting the new changes daily. Similarly, office sanitization and disinfection considerations are pivotal to navigate the changing landscape into profitable circumstances.

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Considerations for Office Sanitization

Office landlords and business owners do not necessarily address viral epidemics through their business agreement. Therefore, the duties and obligations must be set in accordance to arrest the risk of viral exposure depending on the services provided. If the business owners or landlords are responsible for their cleaning and maintenance services, the health obligations are bound to limit. However, one of the suitable choices is to consult with a company that can provide retail spaces sanitization online services. They are the best person who can provide appropriate janitorial services as well. They can:

office disinfection service

  • Routinely clean your workspaces including security desk areas, bathrooms, elevators, door handles and many
  • They have the best tools and equipment to control the contagious disease by following the guidelines of transmission
  • Install hand sanitization stations in high-traffic areas inside the office building

Which Areas Need to Be Sanitized in Your Office?

In office premise, though all areas are not contaminated in the same proportion, still it is very difficult to find the place that are less contaminated. The contamination level can be determined with the help of Swab Test done along with office disinfection services. According to the level of infection and risk factor, the areas are divided into four zones. High risk area is Red zone, medium risk area is Orange zone, low-risk area is Yellow zone and no risk area is Green zone.

 Workstations, Meeting Rooms, Conference Room, Elevator, Reception, Guard Room, Washroom – High risk area

 Doors – Medium risk area

 Stairs-Railing– Low risk area

What is the Checklist for Office Sanitization?

Step 1: Limiting the Surfaces That Employees Need to Touch

  • Doors need not be opened through handles. This can be done by just pushing them with your foot or shoulder.
  • For the time being, business owners and office landlords can install motion lights in the rooms. This is also a great environmentally friendly choice.

Step 2: Cleaning Office Space

When it comes to cleaning, many offices do not understand the importance of office disinfection services. Hiring a third-party cleaning team can mean a lot during the current situation. This is because:

  • The crew uses environmentally suitable cleaning products
  • They are adept in delivering elevator sanitization services
  • They are trained to clean the areas with minimum impact on the work process
  • They can leave the workspace in spotless condition

Step 3: You can Never Enough of Disinfecting Wipes

It is quite unnatural to buy all the disinfecting wipes from the market to keep your employees safe from contamination. Hiring cleaning experts is a lot smarter and cost-effective. This is because:

  • Office spaces are limited to desks and IT jobs
  • The crew is trained with jet-spraying abilities
  • They are trained to keep dirt and grime away from the high-traffic areas

Step 4: Daily Cleaning Perspectives

Office cleaners are not limited to disinfecting, sanitizing workspaces and preventing contamination. These experts can provide daily cleaning services including:

  • Picking up debris and waste from the bins
  • Replacing filled garbage bags with new ones
  • Vacuum cleaning the floor, carpet especially around office cubicles to get rid of dust

The best part is professional and certified office cleaners are equipped with stain cleaners and thus can provide virus protection for ATMs, present within your office premise. Moreover, their servicing area is not limited to office spaces. They can also provide germs protection for hospitals, suitable for your sick room and also restaurant sanitizing service, best for your cafeteria.

But you will be surprised to know that fighting the deadly viruses with efficiency and protecting ourselves, won’t be possible, until and unless the office disinfection services offer:

  • Antimicrobial transparent coating treatment on the surface in office
  • Gives 99.99% germ kill protection
  • Complete sanitization for office to make it virus-proof
  • Successful against SARS and other droplet-based viruses
  • Effective against 3 months
  • No stains, no color, no odor, no side-effects

This is only possible with Germ Shield.

Germ Shield for Office

It’s a unique and extremely effective germ protection process not only for office spaces, but also for vehicles, elevators, and residential areas. Germ Shield can kill up to 99.99% of germs on different surfaces we touch frequently and inhibits their further growth. It forms an antimicrobial invisible film on the surfaces where applied to protect those things and places from contagious microbes.

Take decision today and protect yourself and your employees tomorrow!

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