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Ken meaning “one’s range of knowledge or understanding” is of Germanic origin. Droom Ken story is perfectly exemplified through a wide range of tools & content. The extensive set of content generation and sophisticated tools are designed and customized to fit the precise user expectations. What are these tools and content mediums you ask?

vehicle information online

Here is your answer!

Orange Book Value Tool

The OBV tool, based on 21st-century machine learning, makes it possible for both the buyers and seller to come to a mutual price decision without any conflict. It takes vehicle information to determine a fair market price for the used vehicle.

Eco Inspection

Find out the true condition of a used vehicle a 121-point Eco inspection performed by trained industry professionals. No guesswork, no biased approach. Just plain Droom The-Ken to find efficient solutions.

Vehicle History

Find out the vehicle history report to make an informed buying decision. The vehicle history report gives you a detailed insight into the service history, accidental history, insurance history, and every bit of vehicle information.

Droom Academy

For the online sellers, Droom brings a sophisticated interface to master e-commerce selling. The content is personally conceptualized and curated by Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder of Droom and Shopclues

Droom Auto News

Never miss out on the latest news from the world of automobiles with Droom Auto News. From the upcoming vehicle, buzz, news, and a whole of quality information are made live on the portal for auto enthusiasts.

Droom Blogs

Another facet of content generation for the benefit of an online automobile audience. The blogs are curated keeping in mind the queries and interests of the respective audience.

Droom over the years has created a niche for itself in the market with its deep research into the online automobile marketplace. Today, it is more than just a portal to buy used vehicles. Every bit of information that you may require, every bit of vehicle data a potential buyer might require is available on the go. It is not magic, it is pure Droom Ken based on scientific research and experience.

Droom is India’s largest automobile platform online, 4th largest E-Commerce company and the most trusted motorplace. It believes to be an AI and data science driven online transactional platform, that offers the best experience of buying and selling used and new automobiles in India with the help of its entire eco-system that includes Orange Book Value (used vehicle pricing engine), ECO (vehicle inspection), History (records for used vehicles), Discovery (pre-buying research tools), Credit (used auto loan and dealer financing), and Germ Shield (antimicrobial coating service). Here, we have a team of auto experts and auto enthusiasts who are dedicated to cover every sphere of the auto industry by simplifying the procedure of buying and selling, and by spreading the true essence of auto industry to all.

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