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Droom Buyer Protection: Get Peace of Mind!

Buying a used vehicle in our country can turn out to be an intimidating process due to the hidden costs that can tag along with the same. Hence, it would not be wrong if we say that safety and surety goes hand in hand during such important buying decisions and with Droom Buyer Protection that’s exactly what we aim to provide!

Droom Buyer Protection for Cars & Bikes

Now any customer buying a used vehicle from Droom will be provided with free 6-month comprehensive warranty along with a cover of up to Rs.50 Lacs (depending upon the vehicle category and price). The same is intended to cover the buyer against accidental damages and the required repair works, thereby ensuring that your post purchase experience at Droom stays as a perfect joyride.

Thinking what makes your vehicle eligible for Buyer Protection? To start with, simply go through the following two checkpoints!

a. Two Wheelers: Vehicles up to 7 years old and ran less than 70,000Kms
b. Four Wheelers: Vehicles up to 7 years old and ran less than 100,000Kms

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So, sit back, relax and leave the worries pertaining to the purchase of your next vehicle on us!


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  1. Worst Experience for getset helmet offer. i have registered for offer 2 times and everytime i got msg on my mobile after offer expire.If you dont want to send early msg then why register users for offer.

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