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Which Car Transmission Type is Best for A First Time Driver?

When you want to buy a car, there are many important decisions that you have to make. It includes the engine type, body style, transmission and color of a vehicle. It is vital you spend time researching various options mainly the transmission type. If you have confusion regarding the kind of transmission you need in your car, you must understand the differences between manual vs automatic car transmission. This comparison and knowledge in both types of transmission will clear your confusion completely.


The main point of difference between an automatic transmission and manual transmission is the manner cars shift gears. If a vehicle has an automatic transmission, the driver does not need to control the gear. The car shifts the gear automatically for the driver. In vehicles with a manual transmission, the driver has to shift gears through the gear stick and clutch.

Which One is Better for First-Time Drivers?

The automatic transmission type for first time driver is generally preferred because of the following reasons:

  • Comfort zone

Manual transmission vehicles consume less fuel and offer more control over cars, however, they are less convenient. Automatic transmission burn more gas offers less control, however, can be used easily. You can say automatic transmission does most of the controlling jobs itself. Thus first time drivers find driving easier with automatic transmission.

  • Better for Hilly Regions

If you are a new driver then you can find that navigating steep inclines is difficult in a manual transmission, mainly if you attempt it from the beginning. An automatic transmission takes care of this matter thus allowing a car to function efficiently regardless of how steep a hill can be. Driving in a hilly region is a tough job for the first time drivers. Better control is required which could be achieved with the help of automatic transmission.

  • Easy to Use in Heavy Traffic

There is a lot of work involved in the beginning, decelerating, accelerating, and stopping a manual transmission. It is not a problem, however, in huge traffic, when a car cannot gather speed, drivers notice that continuous beginning and stopping may be a difficult one. An automatic transmission enables a driver to move through huge traffic without doing anything more than pushing a pedal.

  • Less Restrictive Manually

Automatic cars in India are less restrictive manually. Many new car drivers are taught to drive by keeping both hands on the wheels firmly all the time. This is possible during automatic transmission but not possible in manual transmissions.

  • Minimized Stalling Risks

There are things that make us really awkward and embarrassing such as getting the car stalled when a traffic light changes. It is not a common problem for car drivers driving automatic cars, where car stalling happens only when there is any mechanical problem.

  • Easy to Use

Though there is nothing difficult related to work with clutches and shifting gears, first-time drivers need little practice before the drivers become more comfortable how to use the limbs separately for controlling manual transmission cars. Automatic transmission cars are much simpler and new drivers take much lesser time to learn compared to manual cars.

Many first-drivers in India prefer automatic transmission cars because they offer several benefits. However manual transmission cars in India are also preferred by many car drivers due to less maintenance cost, better fuel efficiency, cheaper cost, better control amongst many other reasons.

Better Control with Automatic Transmission

Automatic cars were once considered luxury cars but these days it has become widespread and new buyers prefer it over manual cars due to ease of driving. The kind of car you want and the driving style you prefer are two factors that you must consider before you buy a car. If you are driving for the first time and you require a car, which will make you very less tired then you should opt for an automatic gearbox. If you are looking for driver-car interaction, you should choose a manual transmission car.

Globally, the trend is to own an automatic transmission car. In India, most automatic car variants are affordable cars and they are the top car variants. The fuel efficiency is almost the same on automatic and manual cars. So, for a better car drive and less manual force, the first-time drivers should choose an automatic transmission car.

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