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The debate for CNG vs EV vs Petrol vs Diesel car has been going on for years. Petrol or diesel cars are quite common now. People are looking for a good replacement that would be beneficial in every aspect. So, if you are looking for an alternative then look into CNG and EV cars. The air we breathe in cities is very bad for our health, so these alternatives can bring some to our environment. They are even more convenient as charging at public charging points such as malls or home is more convenient compared to the long lines at pumps.

CNG vs EV vs Petrol vs Diesel Cars in India

Comparison between CNG vs electric cars:

Let’s compare the CNG and electric cars to understand which one is better:

  • Ride quality

Managing the clutch and changing gears is quite exhausting, particularly in heavy traffic. Electric cars do not have gears or clutches and thus no noise of the engine and the ride is very quiet.

  • Emissions

EVs emit fewer CO2 emissions compared to petrol, CNG, and diesel cars. Diesel and petrol cars give more carbon emissions together with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Burning fuel oil produces ash particulates that enhance pollution. CNG cars give out greenhouse gases but fewer than diesel or petrol cars. Electric cars though are powered by coal grids emit fewer emissions compared to CNG cars. CNG cars emit fewer emissions than diesel or petrol cars.

  • Fuel cost

EVs win here because they need electricity to travel, however, CNG cars perform very well. Both CNG and EVs save over diesel and petroleum and thus both are attractive.

  • Charging time

CNG cars take a few minutes to charge, however, EVS take hours. Charge time is the biggest drawback of EVS. Fast charging is not dependent on any kind of scientific breakthrough. Fast charging needs regulatory help and money.

  • Convenience

There is a lesser number of CNG filling stations. EV public charging stations are scattered all across the country. Most EV car owners install a charger.

So, in a nutshell, it can be considered that electric vehicles much more convenient and useful in compassion to CNG vehicles.

Comparison between Petrol vs diesel cars:

  • Cost

If you consider Petrol vs diesel car cost, the diesel variant cars cost more as compared to petrol variant cars. The cars that cost less than 10 lakhs, for them the showroom price between the two variants differ by 1-1.5 lakhs. The difference in price is the on-road price of diesel and petrol variants of the car are even more. The reason is that the registration cost of diesel cars is more than petrol cars. The difference is 1-3 percent and it depends on the vehicle cost and the State from where the car is purchased.

  • Mileage

While comparing petrol vs diesel cars mileage, diesel engine mileage is more than petrol engines. Diesel engines do not require a spark plug and therefore have a higher compression. This makes diesel engines use more fuel than petrol engines. Diesel cars have better mileage and so they can cover an additional cost of cars that was paid initially, however, with the increasing price of cars, the time you need you to recover the cost has enhanced.

  • Smooth drive

Besides the fact that a diesel engine is more powerful compared to a petrol engine, it has higher torque and hence offers a smooth drive. The noise, harshness, and vibrations in diesel cars are much more than a petrol car and this is a major reason for concern. In petrol-driven cars, the engines develop low powers while in diesel engines, there is more power.

  • Maintenance cost

While comparing the maintenance cost of both these cars, the maintenance cost of diesel cars is more than petrol cars. This is due to the fact that consumables including spares and engine oil that are used in diesel cars are expensive. The resale value of diesel cars are more than petrol cars. But, the life of petrol engines is more compared to diesel engines.

So, when selecting the type of car – CNG vs EV vs Petrol vs Diesel car, you have to understand these basic things. If you are driving CNG cars or Electric Vehicle, you are doing something for the environment. If you cannot afford to buy EVs, you can try CNG cars. When the matter relates to the environment, even a small bit helps. Compared to diesel or petrol cars, EVs or CNG cars cause less pollution. But, if you still hold some love for diesel and petrol cars, then you always have options. However, you can access the website of one of the most popular online dealership Droom for obtaining the best deal on all types of cars be it – petrol, diesel, EV or CNG. There are a number of affordable electric cars that will enter the market in 2020 and 2021, so you can look forward to those.

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