Things to check before buying a used scooter in India

Have you ever purchased a used scooter? If yes then you might have noticed that no matter how hard you make up your mind to buy the scooter, you are always tricked into buying the car referred by the salesman. This happens because the salesman are indeed trained to sell the vehicle they want to sell you, and somewhere you are filled with remorse at the end.

Used Scooter in India

Most of the people who buy a used vehicle, complain about the bad condition of it and how it has been adding it to the increase in their expenses. Since two-wheelers are the best modes of transport in India, this problem is mostly by scooter owners. Scooters come with a compact body with all the parts encased in fibre or metal body. Therefore, it is hard to determine the inside damages in a used scooter, while there are other problems which can turn your experience of owning a vehicle bittersweet.

Here are the things to check while buying a used scooter:

1.Documents: When buying a vehicle, the documents that are given to you are the only things that entitle the vehicle to your ownership. The first and the most important document is the Registration certificate or RC book; it is a sheet of paper approved from the RTO that bears the name of the previous and the current owner. Second, Insurance paper, according to the RTO having insurance is mandatory for every vehicle that runs on the road. Lastly, the Pollution Under Control (PUC) permit, this permit is provided by the RTO authorized officials who after the inspection of the vehicle provide it to the driver if the vehicle matches the emission levels.

2.Damages and replacements: Most of the used vehicles are put up for sale due to its deteriorating condition. After a specific time, there are some parts of the scooter have to be replaced to ensure smooth functioning of the vehicle. These parts can cost from hundreds to thousands. Since you are already paying a substantial amount for the vehicle, it would not be fair to pay more for the functioning of the vehicle. Hence, it is important to check the vehicle for damaged parts and also the parts that need to be replaced. One of the best ways to check the vehicle is by taking it for a test drive; it can help you lower the price of the vehicle as well.

3.Charges: When buying a used scooter, there are other charges that you might have to pay to the dealer apart from the offered price. You will have to pay transfer, insurance, registration charges along with the dealer’s commission. These factors can have a massive effect on the price of the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to check the amount or the ratio of the charges before finalizing the deal.

To get a perfect deal for a Used Scooter, you can also take the help of the online web portals that sell inspected and guaranteed vehicles without any hidden cost.

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