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Source Vehicles for Your Inventory Using Quicksell

Everyone nowadays looks out for easy ways to get things done. With the e-commerce simplifying everything, nobody wants to spend hours trying to mediate information to various sources, rather direct interaction is preferred for hassle-free transactions.

Businesses today require that every process should be free flowing and without any loopholes to ensure perfect functioning of various verticals. Automobile industry specifically requires that all the various specifications and assets work smoothly for a great business to take place. The major concern revolves around the sourcing of vehicles for their inventory which faces a few but crucial challenges throughout the transaction and even beyond.

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However, there are a few challenges that they face which are crucial and are listed below:

  • Narrow Margins: Most new car dealers earn a 1-4% margin, depending upon the brand(s) they carry and the marketplace. This narrow margin means that there’s very little room for error. If your inventory doesn’t turn fast enough, if you’re not hitting your sales volume, things can go bad very quickly. This therefore makes for one of the major challenges that is faced by Auto Dealers.
  • Bad Management: Bad management generally takes place due to lack of in-depth knowledge regarding auto dealerships and often, this is seen in most dealership entities. Most of the time, this leads to poor budgeting decisions leading to long-tern adverse impacts.
  • A Constantly Shifting Marketplace: The automobile industry constitutes to be a marketplace that goes through constant shift. A new sports car might only be trending for a few months until a newer version comes along. Same goes for SUVs and other automobiles. This makes it hard for the dealers to sell out their cars with any kind of profit they might be expecting. This means, every dealership must maintain a close connection and balance with every shift that the market experiences. If a dealer misses a shift, it may lead him to lose a lot of money.
  • Result-Orientation: A smooth business leads to long term success and the biggest problem car dealers face is that several times they work upon business models that doesn’t emphasize on long term results. The focus is laid upon immediate sales instead of building a great clientele and customer relationship that would last long term. This is usually due to poor quality after-sales service or other similar concerns during the sales and purchase transactions.

To combat these problems QuickSell, an auction-based and highly efficient trading solution offers an easy to use platform where you can directly sell your vehicle without any hassle and helps you with all the challenges that you might be facing as an automobile dealer. It helps you throughout the process of automobile sales and ensure that you and your customers have a seamless experience.

Why Choose QuickSell?

  • Effortless purchase process: Through QuickSell procure vehicles at any time and from any place, at the luxury of one simple click.
  • Active reach to 3 lakh dealers: It is tied up with over 3 lakh dealers who are committed to building their auto business enterprises and aim for the long run.
  • Droom certified vehicles: The best part of QuickSell to clear all challenges faced by our clients is the Droom Certification services which offers an independent, objective and unbiased certification reports for inspection, pricing & history.
  • OBV Fair market value: Get the benchmark price from India’s most trusted and recommended pricing engine.
  • No Middleman Margin: You can now completely get rid of added expenses and commission for middlemen with zero intermediary dues.
  • Highly Interactive interface: The interface is completely transparent, user-friendly and reliable to make sure that you are well informed regarding each of your transactions.
  • Swift post transaction services: It ensures glitch-free provision of RTO and other post-transaction services.
  • Varied pricing formats: You can explore the various pricing formats, namely; auction, fixed price or best offer pricing format, whichever suits your needs best.

Besides the above-mentioned points, you can source vehicle fast and cheapest using QuickSell. Through the various services, quality certifications and after-sales services, QuickSell ensures that sourcing vehicles for your inventory is a smooth and hassle-free approach for your enterprise and something you can completely trust and rely upon for the long run.

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