How to Sell A CAR Quickly in 5 Easy Steps?

Selling a used car can be tricky if you opt for a local way of selling. But, why to sell it for less when you can get the right price of the used car via an online platform. The online platform allows you to sell your used car through the comfort of your sofa! Droom is currently India’s fastest growing auto marketplace that proves to be best medium to sell car online in India.

The platform has already won the trust of more than 3 lakh dealers across the country who uses the platform to attract the eyeballs of more than 45 million or 4.5 crore visitors on monthly basis. This number is enough for any seller to sell his car in no time.

sell car online

If you looking to sell car instantly then here is how to do it in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Registration

The first step is to register with the online auto marketplace. You can register as an individual seller or as a pro-seller.

The Individual seller account is meant for those who want to sell their privately-owned used cars. While, a pro -seller account is meant for the professionals or in other words for those who deal in selling of used cars.

Step 2: Create Listings

Next step should be the listings. But you can create a listing that sells?

Well, follow these tips to the seller and sell your car in no time.

You should upload at least six-high-quality images of the used car that should have the image of the car interior, car exterior, open bonnet engine view. Also, if possible you should upload a 1 minute video of a car that would give buyers a good perspective of the used car vehicle.

Also, do not forget to fill in the important details of the car that would generate trust among potential buyers.

Step 3: Pay Token Amount

If a buyer decides to buy your used car then will pay the token amount. The next step is to convert your listing into a transactional amount. Take forward the transaction process by paying 3% token amount as the commitment to Droom and to ensure the buyers that you are now ready to sell your car. The payment of the token fee is paid to reserve the used car for the buyer and makes that particular car invisible from the listing.

Step 4– Meet the Buyer

Next step is to finally meet the buyer of your used car. You should ensure your safety while meeting the buyers. It is advised that you should not meet the buyer at a secluded place or during the late-night hours.

This meeting is to complete the rest of the transaction. The buyers give out the rest of the 97% of the transaction fee of the car. In return the seller hands out the keys of the car to the buyer. The transaction is finally completed.

Step 5- Receive Token Amount

Finally, Droom pays the token amount to the seller after deducting the nominal service fee.

In just 5 simple steps, a seller is able to sell off his used car just by clicking some buttons!

Armed with the information, now you can easily sell off your used car that probably parked in your home for weeks now! With Droom, you get to experience a hassle-free selling experience without facing tiring negotiations.

Take advantage of the biggest and fastest platform to sell second hand cars in India now!

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