Sharing Car vs Own Car: Which One is Better after Lockdown?

Earlier buying cars was a matter of pride, but now it has become a necessity.

Earlier you used to think: A car offers you the convenience to travel long distances along with the feeling of the top of the world. The feeling to drive your own car is great. Owning a car is a status quotient, which gives an edge over others.

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Now you think: Apart from the convenient option, own car will safeguard you from various germs and virus infection.

Sharing Car vs Own car

If you want to travel in a car without buying one, then you can take a cab on a regular basis. There are so many cab facilities available now a days. There is no harm in taking a cab. But, what about the germs and viruses that will accompany you while and after travelling in a shared cab.

This sharing may not be always cab, it can be carpooling as well.

Both the options of buying car vs sharing a cab in India have their advantages and disadvantages and they depend on your personal preference.

Whether to own or share a car?

Some of the factors that you can help to make a decision related to own or rent a car are as follows:

  • Clean and Hygiene

When it comes to the factor of cleaning and maintaining the hygiene, you will never know whether the shared cab or shared car has been washed, sanitized or disinfected properly with Germ Shield or not. You will also not be able to know who has travelled before you in this cab. You will not know whether the people travelling along with you in a shared car are carrying any kind of germs and viruses or not. After lockdown, can you really take the risk of travelling with germs? But, in case of your own car, you can opt for car lockdown offers. You can be completely aware of the fact, can opt for antimicrobial treatment for your vehicle and be completely secure.

  • Stability

If your job is a stable one and it does not require a lot of travel constantly, then buying a vehicle is a better option than sharing a car because sharing will be expensive. Shared cars and its routes may not be customized according to your requirements or needs, however, when you purchase a car, you can do plenty of research to ensure that you purchase a car that you find most suitable. If your life and career are stable then buy a car because it will be more convenient and cheaper for you.

  • Temporary stay

If you visit a location and stay there for a limited time period, say 6 months for tourism or related to work then sharing a car is a better option because you will not have to drive your car from one location to another. When you stay at various locations for a longer time period then sharing a cab may be beneficial. But there also if you can take your car and use it, it will be much cheaper and convenient. And if cannot take it along with you, you can even sell it with cars auction offers and buy a new one is the place you have moved.

  • Asset

Though car has depreciating value, but it is an asset for you. You can simply apply for a loan to purchase a car and repay it at a lower interest rate. You can even choose cars that are suitable within your budget and choice. Like, at the moment, it will be a great idea to go for BS4 vehicles deals, as you will get brand new car at a much-discounted price, which will easily fulfil your dreams. Secondly, as car is your asset, you can anytime go for car exchange offers, to get rid of the old one and grab a new one.

  • Cost

When it comes to shared cars, shared cabs or single user cab, hiring them on a daily basis, can cost you huge. You will not able to control the fares of those cabs and it will burn your pocket. However, having your own car will surely save a lot apart from being the most convenient option.

When you buy cars online
  • Nothing can be compared to the pride to own a car
  • When you buy a car, you can access a hassle-free booking. A rented car that reaches your doorstep within five minutes cannot match the convenience to have your own car.
  • You can handle emergencies in a better way when you own a car.
  • With the increasing incidences of misbehavior and dangers, it is always safe to drive your own car.
If you hire cabs
  • If you use a cab, someone else is driving the car, you can use that time to respond to your office calls and emails.
  • In metros, where traffic signals are a nightmare, it is always a good option to get a cab, mainly during the rainy season or peak hours
  • Parking is a big issue in cities. A shared car keeps you away from these worries.

Whether you take car offers online to buy one or you take shared cars, you should base your decision on your traveling habits and your interests. There is always a cost attached to buying a car that fills you with passion and excitement. Sharing a car might look economical, but it is not and it might not fulfill your dream of driving. Weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision to either buy a car or share a car.

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