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Scooter Sanitization Checklist – Keep Your Scooter Germs & Viruses Free

The way you sanitize your hands, clothes, and house, it is also necessary to sanitize your vehicles including the scooter. You can wash and sanitize your scooter yourself. You can also book scooter sanitization services online for deep cleaning and sanitization. There can be hundreds of other viruses, fungi, bacterial spores, and vegetative bacteria can grow stupendously in different parts of your scooter. This is a serious matter, you cannot ignore.

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Sanitize Your Scooter to Keep It Germ-Free

Washing and even deep washing sometimes unable to sanitize a scooter. If you use the vehicle almost daily, then it must get lots of dirt and dust of the road. At the same time, certain touching points like the brakes, clutch, start key, accelerator, speedometer, centre stand, foot mat, side footrest, and seats need thorough cleaning and sanitization with Germ Shield for two wheelers as these parts are the breeding grounds of hundreds of microbes.

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Scooter Sanitization Checklist

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Scooter is a small vehicle, but you cannot neglect its cleaning and sanitization. Several human touching points need to be sanitized in the best possible way to keep it germ-free. It should also be kept in mind that dirt, dust, grease, and mud can feed hundreds of microbes. So, there remains a severe chance of growing harmful microbes if you don’t keep it germ-free.

Go through the checklist and ensure you don’t miss out any step and part.

3 steps to clean your Scooter:

Step 1: Start with a gel cleanser

  • Keep stock of a good cleaner as you can use it anytime even when you are not going to wash the whole body
  • Apply the gel cleaner in all important parts especially where the human touch occurs most like brakes, accelerator clutch, or foot mat
  • Spray the cleaner in sufficient quantity on heavily soiled areas
  • Leave the spray for 5-6 minutes
  • Take a sponge or a piece of cotton cloth soaked in freshwater
  • Wipe the heavily soiled parts at first and then other parts
  • This makes the first level of cleaning and sanitization

Step 2: Water the scooter with a hosepipe or at least a normal garden pipe

  • Water the scooter – Be generous in this matter if you are washing once in a month
  • Use a piece of cotton cloth or a sponge for thorough cleaning – Don’t miss any remote part especially both sides of the rear fender, front panel, side panels, and both wheels
  • Don’t rub the painted body or seat covers roughly. The hard press can cause several scratches
  • You may need a brush to clean at certain parts of the scooter like the suspensions and interior of the rear fender
  • Brush the wheel rims and shock absorbers that mostly get tough mud and dirt

Step 3: Finish the cleaning process watering once again

  • Water the scooter once you complete cleaning
  • Use a fresh piece of cotton clothing to make the body dry
  • Ensure that the headlight, brake light, side indicators, start key, brake lever, and all unprotected or open aluminium parts are dry

You have to be patient enough while cleaning the scooter since there are several delicate parts as well. Once, cleaned and sanitized it looks like a new unit.

1 Step to Sanitize Your Scooter:

Germ Shield for Scooter:

Germ Shield provides extra protection form microbes including viruses and fungi. Germ Shield for Scooter is a specially formulated composition that makes an antimicrobial transparent coating on the entire surface of the scooter.

  • It immediately kills all known germs including SARS and droplet-based viruses
  • It creates an invisible screen or coating on the scooter that does not harm the human skin or pets in anyway
  • It is found to kill up to 99.99% germs
  • It remains active for almost 90 days (3 months)

Your scooter can be an unsuspected source of harmful microbes. Droom has been providing scooter sanitization services with Germ Shield as well for all other two wheelers and four wheelers with ensured germ protection capacity. Germs can be anywhere and everywhere, so you can take Germ Shield protection for elevators and other facilities such as hospitals, schools, offices and residential complexes.

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