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Is Premium Fuel better than Regular Fuel?

This is one of the most debated topic when we talk about auto fuels. Premium fuel or the regular alternative. And if you enquire such things in a fuel pump, you definitely get a positive response regarding the premium fuel as the premium one can be as much as 30% expensive compared to its regular counterparts. But let’s have a neutral review regarding which one is better!

Of Course you have heard terms like Xtra premium, Speed and Power. These are the premium fuel labels from IOCL, BPCL and HPCL respectively. They normally command a premium of approx ₹10 – ₹20 on these labels. Well is it worth it?

There are mainly two differences between a premium fuel and a regular one, namely:

  • Higher octane rating in the premium fuel
  • Some additives and boosters used in the premium fuel which according to the brand provides added refinement.

Higher octane generally leads to higher combustion and thus higher transformed energy. After all it’s a general rule that using a lower octane fuel than the recommended option for a particular vehicle gradually deteriorates the engine condition and power output thus affecting the overall efficiency of the vehicle. But in India, the manufacturers generally tune the vehicle to the regular fuel owing to the availability and taking a macroscopic approach to the market. Also using a premium fuel which means burning fuel with higher octane gives the engine a minuscule performance bonus which is not even visible.

Recommended Octane Rating of Cars in India

In India the recommended octane rating by most car manufacturers is in the range of 87 – 90 Octane which is available as the regular fuel. The premium fuel has an octane rating generally in the range of 93 – 97. This is usually recommended for high end engines like V6, turbo jet or super cars as their engines are generally tuned for higher performance.

So next time at the fuel pump when the retailer tries to convince you to pay those extra moni , act smart and save those money which generally can buy you a few gallons more!


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