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Monsoon Blues – Get Your Car Serviced before Monsoon

Like the way, we get affected by extreme heat, cold or water, similarly cars get affected too by the extreme conditions outside. The adverse conditions of nature are harsh to handle by any living or non-living objects. Rainy season or monsoon is the most vital season of all times, when you get exposed to maximum number of germs and get diseases. Just the same way, cars may get affected little or to large extent. But even if it is small, it may turn into a huge issue for you.

So, do not let the Monsoon Blues to haunt you and your car. Take certain preventive measures beforehand by availing car care service to avoid any unfortunate in the monsoon.

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Car Check Up:

During or before monsoon, almost all carmakers offer check up for your car. They understand this period of time is the most crucial season when your car needs extra attention. Most of the brands offer this facility free of cost, whereas some charge a little. So, this makes a great season for them to make money. But you should think in a positive note just for the sake of protecting your car. If you notice any issue on your car that needs to be fixed in near future, you should get is done before monsoon. The heavy rains and mud on roads can create major issues to your car.


Wheels are the most important part of the car that is bound to get affected by rains and excess water. Many people put nitrogen on tyres to strengthen them, but it is not the right measures.

Wheels are made of rubbers to impart best grip on roads and prevent your car from skidding.  The softer the rubber, the better grip you will get. The cuts on wheels are known as threads which help to cut the water and give a proper grip on roads. With time the threads on tyres tend to decrease, which allows to lesser water removal, hence your car may slide.

You need to check the threads occasionally and get wheel maintenance service done. You can simply do it by putting a coin inside the thread. If the portion of coin which has the date of year on it gets inside the thread, then your tyre is in good condition. If not, you need to change the tyres. Even if the threads are good, if the tyres age is more than 4-5 years, you need to change the tyres immediately. Check the manufacturing date on the tyres. One more thing to remember, always check and take care of the spare tyre as well before monsoon.


During summers, the wipers usually get dry and stiff. So, it will directly affect the performance of the wipers. It won’t be able to clean the front glass properly, which will again affect your visibility. You should never ever compromise with the clear vision on roads. A slight mistake can cost you even a life. So, be secured and remember to change your wipers before the monsoon arrives.

Also fill the wiper water tub at regular interval, so that, you can use it whenever it is required and essential. You can even put a few drops of shampoo in the water to get better cleaning.


Fogging is one of the common issues during the monsoon. It tends to occur on all glasses which may affect your visibility as well. But this time, it occurs from inside the car. So, you can do away with this issue by air conditioner or if it is acute, then you can clean it manually with a piece of cloth. But do not use your naked hands to clean it as it won’t help you much and in addition lines will occur on glass, which will in turn affect your visibility on roads. However, if you avail the car inspection services beforehand, you can avoid such issues effectively during monsoon.


It is true for everywhere that you should not keep any naked wire or leakage on a wire, as this may lead to short circuit. The same goes for your car as well. You should not keep any wire like that. If you find some leaks, immediately put black tape on it to prevent any further damage to your car. You should also put some lubricant like Vaseline on battery to prevent sparks or short circuit.


During rainy season, waters gets accumulated on the exterior of the car, which needs to be cleaned, otherwise, it tends to fade the color of the car. For this reason, you need to avail the denting and painting service.

Must Carry:

You must have the first aid box and the toolbox with you in the car. Make sure that you have all the necessary medicines in the first aid box and check their expiry dates properly. You should also check whether all tools are there in the toolbox or not. Keeping these things handy will help you in any adverse situation.

You should also keep a bottle of water and some snacks along with you in the car, to save you from any hostile condition.


You need to take care of the hygiene factor as well during monsoon. Your floor matts are going to get wet, damp and muddy and it may also starts stinking. So, make sure you clean your matts at regular interval. You can even keep newspapers over actual matts and change newspaper regularly. Or you change the fabric matts with rubber or plastic matts. This will help you to clean the matts easily and keep the car clean.

You must have a car perfume as well, to keep the air inside the car fresh, smell good and refresh your mood.

These tips are essential to follow before, during and after monsoon, to keep your car condition stable. You can avail any of these car service online and get it done right from your doorstep.

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