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Top Reasons to Get Your Car Inspected This Season

Vehicle inspection is extremely important for your safety as well for the safety of others on road. Not just that, a thorough inspection saves you from the headache of your car floored with some broken mechanical parts of electrical instruments leaving you stranded on the middle of the road.

To avoid this uncomfortable scenario, you must take your for car inspection services offered by Droom.

Vehicle inspection becomes even more necessary in the rainy season when electricals are more prone to failure and the vehicle paints endure the relentless water pouring from the sky. During the rainy season, vehicles require some extra attention. Tyres are the parts that undergo the most wear and tear.

Also, tyres form an important aspect of a vehicle’s safety. So, it is important to check conditions of wear and tear of tyres. Over time, with usage tyre wears down to the condition where are treads completely disappear.

car inspection services

Tyres with little or no treads are dangerous to the drivers as the main function of treads is to provide road traction to vehicles. If you fail to pay attention to tyre condition, then you probably you could slip on wet roads. It is necessary for wheels to have adequate tread depth so that the wheels maintain a firm grip on roads.

Also, the wheel alignment should be checked as bent wheel rims could prove fatal on the road. Therefore, you should opt for Droom’s wheel maintenance service which ensures wheels are in perfect condition.

In summers, the wipers usually get dry and stiff which affects the wiping ability of the wipers. Also, you should check whether the wipers are functioning properly or not. If not, you should replace the wipers immediately with the new ones. It could be dangerous to drive in the rainy season without proper functioning wipers.  If wipers or broken, then also you should replace them as broken wipers won’t be effective in cleaning the windshield.

You should also check on the wiper tub and fill it if empty. To get better cleaning of the windshield you can add few drops of shampoo in it. Windshield check- up forms an important part of car inspection service.

It is not only bad tyres that could lead to an accident but also electrical malfunction. A car’s electrical is covered but it is the bike that suffers the most during the rainy season.

It is a bike with heavy electricals that that suffers the most. Riding in heavy downpour could cause your electricals to malfunction.

So, it is advisable not to ride under heavy rain conditions. Also, one should park their vehicles under a shed and avoid parking in open areas during the rainy season. You should also apply wax on the bikes which would not only render a glossy finish to your bike but would also be a shield from dust and rust.

Also, the process of rusting of metal parts increases during the rainy season as the conditions are wet and moist most of the time.

If car or bike does not have an anti-rust solution on its surface, then the rain would play a spoiler to the car or bike exteriors. So, you should apply anti-rust solution along with with sandpaper, kitchen scrub pads, old toothbrushes to scratch the rust out of sight which would halt the chain reaction. After this process, you would notice a lot of scratches on the surface. To treat the scratches, you should apply metal polish to the surface of the vehicle.

If you can do it yourself then you can opt for Droom’s denting and painting services which would make your vehicle ready for this monsoon.

We hope this article will help you to keep you and your vehicle safe in the rainy season. Ride Safe!

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