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10 Tips to Maintain Car AC During Summer

The onset of the summer season is just around the corner. While many people enjoy the long days and delicious ice creams that the summers bring, people who have to travel a lot have already started worrying about their car ACs.

Car AC maintenance is very important, especially with the tropical summers that Indians experience. Survival without an AC that too inside car in such environments is a match with the devil! Getting a last-moment car AC service might cost you more than it should, so why not just avoid the need for one?

car ac maintenance tips

If you have been looking for car AC maintenance tips, too, Sandeep Aggarwal Droom Founder has come up with 10 valuable tips, just at the moment. Read along and start preparing your very own car AC maintenance checklist before it gets too late.

1. Check air filters:

Blocked air filters are the root to of most car AC issues. Keeping them clean is one of the easiest ways to maintain the performance of your car’s AC. Make sure to wash the air filters thoroughly at least once a week to keep them clean and cool.

2. Clean the dust:

While taking care of your car’s insides, make sure to get rid of the dirt and dust as much as possible. Even if your air filters are clean enough, the AC duct might attract dirt and moisture from the car’s insides, causing a blockage. Have you ever thought dust can be a reason? But it is. So, Droom thought of highlighting it.

3. Check engine radiator:

The car engine’s radiator needs your attention too! It is often seen that if the engine heats up too much, the heat travels from the radiator to the AC condenser. This degrades the quality of cooling it provides.

4. Check compressor efficiency:

The car AC compressor is driven by a belt, operated by the car engine. Often in hot weather, excessive heat and a lack of proper lubrication may cause the compressor to operate less efficiently. Hence, you should check these small belts and hoses during the starting phase of the summer itself.

5. Listen to strange sounds:

Your car tries to communicate with you in the form of sounds. Ignoring any strange sounds coming from the compressor is not a good idea. They might be indicating serious issues with the compressor or even with your car itself. Getting them checked at a service center might save you a lot of time and money.

6. Clean the pipeline:

Maintenance of the AC gas pipelines would take you a long way! Cleaning the pipelines once a week would keep them clean and let you know of any leakages. Droom ask to focus on these DIY activities.

7. Keep lubricated:

The AC compressor, pipelines, and drive belts should be kept well lubricated to prevent any AC’s malfunctioning.

8. Focus on recirculation:

Choosing the recirculation mode would save you a lot! Your AC compressor will thank you for letting it go easy and as compared to cooling fresh air, maintaining the temperature of already cooled energy takes much lesser energy and less strain on the compressor.

9. Handle with care:

AC functions has to be used gently. This ensures its long life and also saves you from any AC malfunctioning.

10. Don’t let hot air trapped:

If your car is exposed under the sun for a long time, turn on AC for a couple of minutes with the windows OPEN. This would get rid of the hot air trapped inside faster. After a minute or so, close the windows and enjoy the cold air.

Maintenance of a car AC is pretty simple and keeping a note of these tips and maintaining can actually do wonders to its life span. That is the reason Droom has come up with these tips and ask each and every car owner to take care of their car and do a little DIY, as it will save their pockets a lot.

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