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Points to remember while physically inspecting a Used Car

Are you looking to buy second hand cars in India? Well this blog is just meant for you, so read on.
If you are reading this article, chances are that you have made your mind to buy a used car. But buying a used car is entirely different from buying a new car. There is a famous quote that “you should never buy someone’s else problems” that is completely relevant whether you are buying a second-hand car online or from your friend, or dealer. You should be aware of car buying tips in India that would fetch you a good deal on a used car.

Points to remember while physically inspecting a Used Car

There is a famous saying that says “looks can be deceptive”, which holds true when buying second-hand cars.
It is not necessary that a car that looks shiny and glossy is in good condition! You should never judge a car’s health solely based on its outer appearance as we all know “looks can be deceptive”. A used car might have undergone a major repair work or a paint job which you might not able to point out unless you are armed with the knowledge of inspecting a used car. You must exercise a great caution when looking for used cars on sale. If you are careful enough you might end up spending a hefty amount of money on the subsequent car repair bills.

To avoid getting duped by the dealer, read on to know some basic inspection tips that will help you to decide the best used car. Apart from that, you must do an RTO registration check before buying a used car to make sure that the car isn’t stolen.

Before you start inspection of a used car for a sale, ensure the inspection is done in the following conditions:

Broad Daylight: A proper inspection and observation of a used car can be done only in a broad daylight as it is difficult to spot a paint job or dent job under low light conditions.

360° Degree View: The car should be parked in an open area so that you can get a complete 360°degree view of the used car. Also, make sure that all car doors can be opened without any obstruction.

Level Parking: The inspection of the car windows becomes easy when the car is parked on a level ground because uneven surfaces make spotting deformities on windows and roof lines difficult.

Mechanic: It is best advised that you take along a professional car technician or a trusted mechanic with you who will able to point out any repair jobs, dents in a matter of seconds. Also, you will be able to know the repair cost in case the vehicle requires any maintenance work.

1. 360°degree tour

Take a slow 360°degree tour of the vehicle and scan for any deformation on the front bumper, headlights, grill, windshield wipers, side turn indicators, wheel arches, windows, doors, boot. If you discover any major repair work like joints on the bumper or a big dent on boot, then you should cancel any further inspection right away and start looking for second- hand car online. If there are missing parts like rubber cladding, you should ask the dealer for replacement once the deal is done.

2. Look for Rust and Paint Job

The texture of the original factory paint will always differ from paint work done repair job. The original factory paint comes with many layers of coating which makes the car surface appear smooth. In contrast to it, the paint done in repair work will always be glossier, have an uneven surface and will have a different shine from rest of the body. One easy way to check for a paint job is to look out for any scratches on the on nuts and bolts. The presence of any scratches on nuts and bolts indicates towards a repair work.

Also, check for any presence of rust on the joints, underbody, corners of cars whose presence will indicate towards the exposure of the car to heavy floods or rain. Such vehicles should be avoided altogether.

3. Condition of Engine

When buying a used car, the condition of the engine is very crucial because the engine repair work is very costly in some cars. To get a hint on the condition of the engine, take a long test drive of the car and drive in all modes: acceleration, deceleration, stop-and-go, highway cruising. If the engine makes any noise, rattles or you feel a lack of power in when accelerating – deaccelerating, then it means the engine is not in good condition.

The best way to catch a faulty engine is to do a cold start of the used car. That way you will be able to tell the condition of the engine and battery both. If the car struggles to start or requires jump cables to start it means that the car badly requires a new battery, an additional expense. Make sure you ask the dealer to get a new battery for the car.

If the car makes a loud noise, rattles or the exhaust pipe emits a blue-grey smoke then for sure there is a problem with the engine. The blue-grey smoke coming out of exhaust pipe means that the engine burns oil. Also, if you notice oil on the ground below vehicle then it means that the used car has a leakage problem.

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