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Elevators Sanitization Checklist – Elevators Germs Protection

Do you know keeping yourself and your home clean does not mean that you are safe. Have you ever thought the elevators you are opting for instead of staircases have 40% more germs than your toilet seat? So, it has become the need of the hour to immediately take actions to protect your elevators from viruses by opting for elevators sanitizing services.

elevator sanitization services

Elevators – A Most Likely Place to Contract the Virus

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These days from hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, multiplexes, schools, large corporate offices to even your own residential complex, every place has elevators. However, expert medical opinions suggest that these elevators, especially their button panels have more germs and deadly micro-organisms on them than the toilet seats in most public washrooms. No matter how starkly surprising the fact might sound public elevators are one place where you are most likely to pick up this deadly virus. Hence proper cleaning and sanitization of the elevators must be carried out to provide proper elevator germ protection. It is essential for everyone to know the basic difference between elevators cleaning and elevators disinfection services.

Elevator Cleaning and Sanitization Checklist

Public space elevators are the most regular, innocent and harmless looking places that can be responsible for spreading hundreds of diseases including SARS and other viruses. Hence proper cleaning and sanitization of elevators happen to be mandatory.

Step 1 – Cleaning the Tracks and the Sills:

The tracks and the sills between the doors of the elevator are the places where dust, spills, and debris get collected to impair the cleanliness of the elevator and also affect its smooth operations.

  • Use a vacuum to remove the big particles of dust
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth and agent to clean the tracks
  • Clean the door treads and the cracks
  • Stop the elevator completely before cleaning
Step 2 – Walls and Doors:

The walls and the doors of the elevators are the surfaces that are often touched by the people using the elevators. Hence their cleaning and disinfecting are really important.

  • A non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or paper must be used to remove the mess and dust from the walls and doors.
  • The water spots must be removed.
  • A green disinfectant can be used to clean the inner walls and doors of the elevators. A 70% alcohol-based chemical will suffice for the job.
Step 3 – Floors and Mirrors:

The floors and mirrors are other spots that require cleaning. The cleaning procedure on the floor will depend on the nature of the floor.

  • Floors with tiles or steel can be simply cleaned with a brush and a vacuum first.
  • The floor can be next mopped with a 70% alcohol-based disinfectant or anti-bacterial solution.
  • Floors with low rise carpeting must remove the carpet first, vacuum the carpet and then clean the hard floor in the manner mentioned in the first point.
Step 4 – Sanitize Elevator Buttons and Railings:

This is the most important part of cleaning and sanitizing elevators. Buttons both inside and outside the elevators must be cleaned and sanitized.

  • A green antibacterial disinfectant can be used to sanitize elevator buttons and railings.
  • The disinfectant or solution must never be sprayed directly on the buttons as that can damage the electrical panel.
  • A soft cloth or sponge must be sprayed with the chemical of disinfectant and then the buttons must be cleaned and sanitized.
  • To help people availing the elevator a hand sanitizer can be provided inside the elevator.

Swab Test with RLU Level for Elevator Sanitizing Services

You see, when it comes to cleaning the elevators, you clean every part possible, but you are not aware of the fact which area contain what number of germs and viruses. That can only be determined with the help of a swab test with the help of an ATP Meter, which will clearly state what is the RLU level of the surface.

You will be shocked to know that:

 Call buttons, floor buttons, fan switch, door open, door close buttons, handle on door, lift floor – High risk area

 Doors of the elevators, inside walls – Medium risk area

 Ceiling of the elevator – Low risk area

Germ Shield – Protect Your Elevators from Viruses

Germ Shield is the newest formula of germ-protection of public and personal places and vehicles like elevators, cars, bikes and all other facilities. It can protect a surface 99.99% germ-free and keep it effective for 90 days. This elevator sanitizing services offer antimicrobial transparent coating on the surface that kills harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi and also inhibits their growth. In addition to this, Droom Germ Shield protection always accompany with the Swab Test before and after the treatment offered.

So, before any form of virus affects you and your family, it is your responsibility to get germ protection for elevators at the earliest.

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