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How to Protect Your Car from Germs & Virus Infection?

Cleaning your hands will not matter, if you do not sanitize your car properly. Cars sanitization can help you save from the hassle and ensure the utmost sanitized and pristine condition of your car, that will be even ideal to have food from the surface.

Words of Warning

Well, this is a piece of advice but no tips for those smart car owners. We should keep in mind; that we are not professional or experts, and actually, there are lots of additional precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of this virus. It is the professionals who are trained to perform sanitization tasks in your car. They are skilled at cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces. This involves the killing germs, SARS and other droplet-based viruses and also preventing the growth of it, with the use of chemicals in a particular method of disinfecting.

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The best cleaning materials for car interior

Cleaning your car interior is not a child’s play. Depending on the fabric of the upholstery, the cleaning agents also differ. This is where the car detailers stay in the crowd. They use:

  • Isopropyl alcohol disinfectants
  • Appropriate disinfection process that removes organic matter, soils and salts that are prone to microbial activation

So, let’s check out how the professionals can save your day by cleaning your car appropriately.

Step 1: Cleaning the interior surfaces

Car detailing isn’t possible with generic usual cleaners. Therefore, you need to up the stake and hire a professional team of car detailers who are trained to provide antimicrobial treatment for car. They are equipped with:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Modern tools for cleaning upholstery
  • Safe solutions for chemicals that are specifically used for cleaning car interiors

Step 2: Paying special attention to high-touch surfaces

It is not always possible to remember all the areas in your car that receive most of the touches. As the professionals are trained ion performing such tasks, they ensure a completely clean internal environment. These areas include:

  • Steering wheel
  • Door handles (interior and exterior)
  • Windshield wiper controls
  • Shifter
  • Seatbelt buckles
  • AC/heat controls
  • Other screens and buttons

Why DIY approach should be prohibited?

Car interiors are specially built and thus, they can’t take hard scrubbing. Usage of rough cloth may cause scratches and most importantly, the germs are not properly eliminated. Professional car detailing companies that offer car sanitizing services:

  • Use gentle circular cleaning for the upholstery
  • Trained with cleaning and appropriate maintenance of car interior
  • Do not use too much water solution on the seats
  • Use specific tools for cleaning and sanitizing different parts of the interior

Professional approach of car sanitization services

To avoid direct contact with your car, the servicing team wears elbow-length gloves throughout the work. They keep changing the gloves whenever a vehicle is switched. Also, to prevent any form of bacterial conduction, they use special seat covers (after sanitizing the seats) so that nothing comes in contact. It’s quite clear, why should you hire the professionals. Even the smallest form of mistake may get your car as well you infected. It’s a challenge thrown to us considering the un-rolling risk of contamination. Therefore, people should be more focused on car sanitization and restore a healthy living world, AGAIN!

Germ Shield for comprehensive protection of car

Germ Shield is the most updated germ-protection process for your car. It can kill up to 99.99% germs effectively and guard the car for 90 days. This means during these 90 days your car will be completely protected from hundreds of harmful microbes some of which are highly contagious like SARS. So, with Germ Shield you can remain confident that your car is sanitized with the most modern disinfection process.

Droom provides Germ Shield for hatchback cars, sedan cars, SUV and luxury cars, and all types of two-wheelers, elevators as well as all the facilities sector such as health care, public place, residential and commercial spaces.

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