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Droom MTV Roadies Jump the Queue Contest

MTV Roadies is one of the most popular youth-based, adventure reality television show. This season the show will have a new title and sponsor. Droom is the title sponsor for MTV Roadies Real Heroes 2019, with celebrity faces as gang leaders. This show gives plenty of opportunities to gain popularity and start a career in the entertainment industry. Popular celebrities like Rannvijay Singha, Ayushman Khurana, Bani, Prince Narula started their career with the MTV Roadies. This iconic show will soon start with the auditions for the next season.

Droom MTV Roadies Audition

The contestants are selected via rigorous selection procedure. Each year, thousands of participants appear in the audition to have name and fame. For this, aspirants start coming to the venue much before the scheduled time. In order to ensure a safe entry for the initial selection. The queues for the audition are longer than that at the ATMs and banks. This is the place where no one complained about spending hours in queues.

So, what if you get lucky and make it directly to the auditions? This time the show, is here with a twist of jump the queue content. Where the winners get a direct entry to the auditions. A participant will have to record a video sharing “When was the last time you challenged your limits and didn’t give up?”. The entrant can share the video using either of the social networks, namely Facebook, Instagram or Twitter handle. Video must be recorded horizontally, and the maximum permissible video length is about 30 seconds. The post must be public to be valid with hashtags #DroomMTVRealHeroes #DroomJumpTheQ and #RoadiesRealHeroes.

Droom Sponsor MTV Roadies 2019

The results for this contest will be announced on January 2, 2019. Also, it would be the sole decision of the judges of “MTV Roadies” to select or reject the person as a contestant. To participate in MTV Roadies Real Heroes 2019, a candidate must be 18 years or above with good physical and mental health.

In case of any queries or feedback, participants can get in touch at any of our social media channels.

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