5 Things You Cannot Skip Post Lockdown to Resist COVID-19

After a prolonged lockdown, India is all set to restart basic activities one by one. Some factories and offices have started working with limited workers and employees, local markets for daily needs of common people are opening for a limited period every day, and public transport including rail, bus, and taxis have started operating with a limited number of passengers. The Central Government has clearly mentioned what could be opened and what not. Again, the states have their respective clearance and control. In any case, life is going to normalize slowly post lockdown. But that doesn’t mean we have fully controlled the unhindered progress of COVID-19. Still, the human race is far from getting control over this pandemic. So, post lockdown we should take all possible coronavirus precautions and this time with more sincerity.

Coronavirus Safety Tips:

We have strictly maintained social distancing as per the government directives during the lockdown. You must have noticed that most of the markets were closed, factories were dead silent, and roads were completely empty. The situation is changing now. We could see a few cars and buses plying, a few airplanes are crossing our skies, and news channels are showing the railway has started its services in controlled condition. So, our responsibilities and risks have increased manifold now than before. So, now you have to set out of your house taking all precautionary measures.

coronavirus precautions after lockdown

Here are five important safety tips that could keep you guarded against this deadly virus:

1. Use mask and hand sanitizer on the road

Never forget to use a mask while commuting. You can also use a set of rubber gloves but wash them immediately after reaching your office or back to your home. Keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket always to sanitize your hand from time to time on the way. After reaching the office clean your hand with soap and water. Most of the offices and factories will provide liquid soap and sanitizers but you can carry one bottle in your bag as well, in case of emergency.

2. Use your own vehicle

It will be better to use your own car or bike to avoid the crowd in public transport. However, you have to take care of the vehicle to keep it clean and germ-free. Wash the most touchable surfaces with extra attention. Remember, car surface areas like the seats, windows, steering, dashboard, leg brakes, and door locks prone to microbes. You cannot take the risk of travelling by an un-sanitized car. So, sanitize the vehicle with antimicrobial coating that will be effective up to 3 months.

Post lockdown many people will think about buying a car to travel to their offices and other places in a riskless way. If you are one of them, better to look at the car special offers online than visiting a brick & mortar showroom. Reputed online dealerships are giving vehicle lockdown offers which can be an attractive one for you, where you can book now and pick your vehicle post lockdown.

3. Keep Distance from Fellow Passengers in a Public Vehicle

If you do not have any option and you will be availing public vehicles, keep a distance from fellow passengers as much as possible, never open your mask, and talk as minimum as possible. If the bus is pretty crowded completely avoid that bus even if you are late. Right now, it is better to avail of a taxi than taking a public bus, especially if it is breaking the safety rules. As far as sharing car vs own car is concerned, both are safer than public buses, but own car is safest of all.

4. Maintain Social Distancing in the Market

If you are in the market to buy essential items, which you cannot avoid always, maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from the other buyers and even the retailers in the shop. Stop if anyone is violating the rule or trying to come closer to you.

5. Use Online Services as Much as Possible

The online services are opening one by one. Today, all types of products are available online. You can even book a car online. It’s a riskless buying process of daily necessities or other items. When you go out in the market or in the showroom, you are prone to come in close contact with number of people and your touchpoints also increase manifold. However, when it comes to online service, you will come in contact with one single person or even you can opt for zero contact delivery option. So, using online services are much safer.

However, if you do not have your own vehicle, it may be troublesome for you post lockdown, so you take a look at car booking offers to avail attractive discounts and these might not be available post-lockdown period. So, before time runs out, make a smart decision and go for it!

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