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Car Service Tips – Easy Steps of Car Service

Car Servicing might look like a hectic process but in the long run, you would want to thank yourself for following through. It saves you money, raises the resale price of your car and enhances its overall performance. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips and steps for the maintenance of tires, batteries and engines that will motivate you to book a slot with mechanic right away!

In this article, we will be covering the following topics:

  1. Why is car Servicing Important?
  2. Car Service Tips
  3. Car Service Steps

Why is car Servicing Important?

car servicing benefits

You may be wondering why to take up an extra load of hassle and lighten your wallet by investing in car servicing, here, let us tell you why:


Let us draw a corny analogy between human beings and automobiles. One needs to get a medical examination done regularly to ensure if the body is functioning as it should, if not, detection of the malfunctioning part at an early stage can be a lifesaver. Similarly, getting your car sent for maintenance, can assure you of your safety on roads. To avoid possible fatalities or damages, it is important to detect your fluid levels, suspension, steering system, tires, braking systems, etc.

Your safety is in your own hands, quite literally.

Well, it saves you costs:

Believe us or not, car servicing can save you your time, money and fuel. With fuel prices and environmental degradation at an all-time high, a wise person will choose the route of consuming less fuel. With an inconsistent car maintenance schedule, you are inviting low mileage your way. To make your car fuel-efficient, be right on time if not early. You can keep expensive damages under control if you are sincere with your schedule and save up on a lot of avoidable future costs like a malfunctioning engine because of lack of oiling.

A higher resale value:

Now ain’t that lucrative? Yes, with a Full car Service History (FSH), you can fetch a higher resale value. Let’s be real, a car is an expensive purchase. Treat it like an investment. Nurture it. With the car looking and functioning intact and with an FSH from a credible dealer, you could grab onto some lofty deals if you decide to sell your car. An FSH also comes n handy when the car is involved in an accident and you’re looking for a significant amount from the insurance company.

Enhanced Performance:

The car of a responsible owner generally goes through lesser inner tears and with regular inspections and servicing the car ultimately becomes more reliable. For a smoother, more convenient and dependable car ride one needs to be sure of the correct functioning of the various parts of the car, which is possible with the help of, yes you guessed it, Car Servicing! Also for those who love car trips and long drives, a car with consistent maintenance, gives you the pleasure of a fairly smoother drive.

Car Service Tips:

Car Service TipsWe have listed some car servicing and car maintenance tips below that you should swear by.

Change your Oil and Filter at the Right Time:

Oil is a very crucial element when it comes to cars. It helps your vehicle with lubrication. Your car is made out of many mechanical components. These components generate friction while functioning, this friction further leads to the generation of heat. Oil helps to make sure that these parts are well lubricated and therefore are functioning properly. With a significant responsibility like this, the oil in your automobile has to be contamination-free and in the right amount. People who live in populated and polluted areas should regularly clean their filters. This can be done while you’re getting your oil replaced.

Maintain your Engine:

You need to make sure that your engine is clean at all times. The engine is the heart of any automobile and the right supply of oil is one of the ways to make sure of the well-being of the engine. One could check out for the leaks and clean it externally whenever have the chance to, rest, leave it to the mechanic.

Go through the Owner’s Manual:

Yeah we know, it is quite morose, but trust us with this tip; it will help you enough! Your owner’s manual is a guide to almost everything in your car. It instructs you about fuel and refilling, car maintenance, security,  etc. Many frequently occurred challenges like flat tires are already illustrated there. Going through the manual will save up a lot of stress and lack of information at a later stage. If you misplaced the manual, they are available online; the gist is, go through one!


The Pressure, Tread, Rotation and Balance in your tires should be appropriate. An under or overinflated tire can result in a blowout and can even up your fuel expenditure. Tread is basically the surface of your tires and an improper tread can result in your car slipping on wet or icy roads. A proper car rotation keeps the wear and tear under check also making the car more fuel-efficient. Balance as it quite literally explains itself, helps your car not get pulled to one side.


Though it is advised to be taken care of by a professional, a little self-reliance will hurt nobody. One can make themselves aware of the basics from the owner’s manual or off the internet. When cleaning the battery with a brush, always remember to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery to stop the electric supply.


Brakes are an important factor of safety when it comes to driving an automobile. Brake fluid helps to keep them lubricated ensuring proper functioning of the system. Therefore, this fluid should be free of any contamination and in sufficient amounts. If the color of the fluid seems dark, it is an indication to change it.

The overall car maintenance tips for all types of cars remain the same but we got some Sportscar Service Tips and Luxury Car Service Tips just for you!

Special Sportscar Service Tips:

  • Maintaining a sports car is more expensive
  • Make sure to regularly change your brakes to stop you at the right place, not too fast and not too slow.
  • Give extra attention to your Tires.

Special Luxury Car Service Tips:

  • The interiors of your car matter just as much. Take extra care of it.
  • Make sure the clutch of your car is healthy. This will keep your engine functioning smoothly. An engine in good health brings in better resale value.
  • The conditions that the car is being driven is, also matters. For example, if you take your luxury car to a place with rough terrain, chances for scratches are quite high. With regular maintenance, the cost of removing these scratches and dents goes low.

Car Service Steps

Here is checklist for car servicing:

Car Service Checklist

Change the engine oil along with the filter:

Car Service Steps

Remove the engine oil and drain it. Drain the oil into a tray by removing the sump plug. Remove the oil filter when you’ve finished emptying the oil. Your engine is lubricated by the engine oil. Oil is divided into two categories: synthetic oil and non-synthetic oil. Synthetic oil typically lasts 16,000 kilometers before it needs to be changed. Non-synthetic oil, on the other hand, lasts roughly 8,000 kilometers. Dirt and muck are kept out of your engine thanks to the filter. The filter is replaced at the same time as the oil.

Change Spark Plugs:

easy car service steps

The spark plugs provide the charge that ignites the fuel mix, causing an explosion that generates power in the engine. Spark plugs must be replaced during a major service. Spark plugs ought to last between 32,000 and 48,000 kilometers on average. Spark plugs should be handled with extreme caution. It is preferable to purchase a spark plug spanner.

Change the Filter

Change the filter

When it comes to the primary air filter in your car, there are two types of filter. The first one is an Air Filter and the second one is a Cabin Filter. Their fundamental function remains the same; preventing dust and pollen particles from entering your automobile. An air filter keeps away the contaminants from the car’s engine during combustion. It’s hidden inside a sealed box in the engine compartment. Cabin filter keeps the dust and pollen particles from entering through the car’s heating and air-conditioning systems. An air Filter should be replaced between 19,000 to 24,000 kilometers. Cabin Filters should be replaced between every 24,000 to 48,000 kilometers.

Change Power Steering Fluid:

car service tips

On the whole, every 48,000 kilometers, the power steering fluid should be replaced. Power is transferred from the steering wheel to the steering mechanism via the fluid. It safeguards the moving components. The noises emanating from the steering system must be taken seriously.

Change Brake Fluid:

easy tips for car service

In urban use, brake pads should last about 35,000 kilometers. When the fluid becomes darker in color or when loud noises occur when applying the brakes, it is time to change the brake fluid.

Rotate Tire Alignment:

best car service tips

On average, a rotation should occur every 16,000 kilometers. The brake wheel’s tires will wear out more quickly than the others. All four tires will wear out evenly if you use the rotation strategy. Tires will depreciate faster if they are not aligned properly. It is recommended that you adjust your wheels every 32,000 to 48,000 kilometers.

Check Lights and Wipers:

car service checklist

Check out for the cracks in the light bulbs of your headlights. Replace the blades of wipers if they are worn out. Proper visibility is extremely crucial while driving; wipers and lights assist the same.

It is advised to get your car serviced by a professional.


From the beginning till the end, we emphasize the importance of Car servicing and Car maintenance. Just like your body, your automobile has some requirements. Detection of these requirements can save you from future costs and consequences. Be regular with these services and ripe the benefits in the longer run. For inspection of your car visit,

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