Bike Maintenance Tips – Easy Steps of Bike Service

‘Your bike looks new even after years of using it.’ Feels dreamy, isn’t it? It seems quite impossible. But what if it is actually possible? By properly maintaining the bike and using bike service tips one can definitely improve their bike’s life and decrease the total maintenance cost. You just need to do a few things on a regular basis to keep your bike in a good condition. So, let’s have a quick tour on bike service.

In this article, we will be covering the below mentioned aspects:

  1. Importance of bike service
  2. Tips for bike service
  3. Steps for bike service

Why is Bike Service Important?

You might be wondering ‘is it necessary to service your bike on a regular basis?’ The answer is yes, it definitely is and you should know why it is important. Here are some reasons why you should do it.

Better Life:

Bike service entails lubricating and correcting parts’ play, allowing them to work correctly and reducing unneeded stress. A clean and lubricated chain, for example, will extend the life of the sprocket.

Smooth Operation:

A bike that has been properly serviced feels mechanically tight and gives the rider more confidence while on the road

Less Frequent Breakdown:

When you service your bike regularly, you decrease the chances of breakdowns and part failures. This increases the reliability of the bike.

Decrease Wear and Tear Rate:

The parts of the bike wear out at a slower pace when they are properly maintained and cared for. Cleaning and lubricating the chain prolongs its life, while changing the engine oil at regular intervals decreases engine component wear and tear.

Better Fuel Efficiency:

Preventive maintenance guarantees that the engine and other mechanical components are in excellent working order. Oil changes, filter cleaning, and proper tyre pressures all contribute to increased fuel efficiency.

Better Resale Value:

When selling the bike, a bike that is completely serviced will give better resale value as compared to a bike that is not in a good condition.  In case of a serviced bike the owner will have an upper hand and buyers will willingly pay the price looking at the bike’s condition.

What are Some Tips for Bike Maintenance?

Here are some valuable bike maintenance tips for you to keep your bike healthy:

Maintain your Engine:

Taking care of your engine is really important. The maintenance of your engine will help you in reducing costs and give you better mileage. The gaps of your spark plug should be set correctly and the carburettor should be cleaned at all times.

Check your Engine Oil:

Your engine oil works as the blood of your bike. You take care of your own circulatory system, don’t you? The same way the bike’s engine oil should be taken care of. Just like taking care of your engine, taking care of your engine oil is equally important. The oil helps the engine in working smoothly and also possesses a cooling effect. With time the oil level in your engine decreases and the impurities make it thick and sticky which is not a good sign and can affect the movement of engine internals. To avoid this you should check oil level and get your oil changed on a regular basis.

Check your Tyres:

It is important to check your bike tyres’ condition and air pressure regularly. The tyre air pressure should be maintained to the level recommended by the manufacturer. Do check your tyre treads, wheel balance and alignment whenever your bike is getting serviced.

Regular Service:

Your bike service is your bike’s whole body check-up. In the process everything is inspected and sometimes, some parts are repaired or replaced for optimum performance. Weather conditions play an important role in your bike’s performance and can affect the efficiency of the bike and conditions of some of its parts. Your bike should be regularly serviced for smooth functioning, long life, safety of the driver and reduction of mechanical errors.

Clean your Bike:

To maintain the surface finish, the body surface should be cleaned regularly. Make sure ignition switch unit, H.T. Coil and silencer are covered using plastic sheets while cleaning the bike. Try not to park your bike under direct sunlight as frequent exposure to sunlight may dull the bike’s appearance and it is advisable to park the bike under shade.

Take Care of the Battery:

When maintained properly, the bike’s battery helps in the long life of the vehicle. The battery should be checked for the level of distilled water regularly. The bike should be free from any battery leakages. If you are not using the bike for a long period of time, ensure that the battery is fully charged.

Maintain Riding Speed:

Does maintaining riding speed help? Yes, it definitely does. Maintaining a slow riding speed helps in reducing the fuel consumption of the bike. It also helps in keeping the engine in good health. It is advisable to maintain a constant speed of 40 to 60 kilometers.

Keep the Air Filters Clean:

If the air filters are dirty, it will put pressure on the engine so the air filters should be regularly cleaned with compressed air. It should be changed at intervals as recommended.

Take Care of Breaks:

You can avoid fatal injuries by hitting the brakes at the proper time. Maintain adequate tyre spacing with both brakes, which should be neither too tight nor too loose. Brake pads wear out over time, and if the screaming sound continues, you’ll need to replace them. Another important step is to inspect the brake fluid. Once every few months, top up the brake fluid.

Transmission Inspection:

Your bike chain’s sprockets should be maintained and checked for damage on a regular basis. Apart from that, they must be lubricated on a regular basis. Make sure your motorcycle chain has a 2 to 4 mm free play, since this is a fantastic bike maintenance tip.

Follow Bike Manual:

You can always go with your bike manual. Along with the bike, everyone receives a manual that details every component of the two-wheeler, as well as how to operate and maintain it. This guidebook is required reading for any bike owner. The manual walks you through each component of your bike as well as the recommended maintenance routine. It makes recommendations for oil type, service techniques, and other maintenance issues. It is critical that you thoroughly read the manual and follow the directions.

Tips on Bike Servicing for Different Type of Bikes

Check here the Mountain and Road Bike Service Tips:

Mountain Bike Service Tips:

  • Clean chain with dry cloth to keep it shiny and silver
  • Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis.
  • If you are a regular user, service it after every 20 to 40 rides, otherwise once per year is recommended

Road Bike Service tips:

  • Apply breaks calmly, accelerate steadily and turn smoothly.
  • Keep track of wheel alignment and tyre pressure for better performance.
  • It is advisable to service your bike every 2 months. If you are using it more often, then you should get it serviced every 2000 kms.

Steps of Bike Service

It is always advisable to get your bike serviced by a professional but to maintain your bike and its life, you can also follow this easy bike service guide to service your bike by yourself.

Check Engine Oil:

If your engine is lacking oil, you’ll see wear on your engine and its parts. Check for your engine oil level and oil filter condition. Check if there’s any leakage. Top up the engine and replace the oil filter and engine oil regularly.

Check Air Filter:

If the air filter is clogged or dirty, you will experience reduced gas mileage. Changing or servicing the air filter will help you in easy operations of your bike system. Do check the air filter condition and position. If the condition is good, clean and reinstall it but if the condition is bad, change the air filter.

Chain Maintenance:

If the chain is without lube, it will release a lot of heat and the chain will be stretched. Check the chain condition, tightness and chain lubing condition. To do this, tighten and lube the chain.

Maintain your Brakes:

Bad brake conditions can cost you your safety. To make sure that you are not at risk, check the brakes condition and caliper nuts tightening. Replace the brake pad if necessary. Adjust the brakes and top-up brake fluid.

Clean Spark Plug:

When there’s a problem with the spark plug, the fuel economy reduces, the bike faces acceleration problems and starting issues. Check the spark plug condition first. Clean the spark plug and reinstall it. Adjust the spark plug terminal. Replace the spark plug if needed.

Inspect Electrical System:

Electrical systems play a huge role in safety. It is difficult to see motorcycles in the dark so the lighting should be reliable. Inspect that the bulbs, horn and switches are working and also inspect the battery terminal. You can do minor wiring adjustments on your own. Adjust the headline beam and clean or adjust the battery terminal

Clean the Bike:

After all the services are done, it is time to clean the bike. Water wash the bike and dry clean it.


Although it is advisable to service your bike professionally, you can service your bike by yourself as well. However, you can always follow this easy bike service guide to maintain your bike’s condition. The above mentioned bike maintenance tips will be beneficial to you in the long run. Moreover, if you are looking for a perfect bike as per your requirements and personality then look for wide range of options available on Droom.

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