Tubeless vs Tube Tyre for Bike – Which One is Best?

As a bike owner, you want the best for your bike. Be it the latest features, efficient machine upgrades, or components, much of the time of a bike owner is spent finding out the best upgrades for their bike. Tubeless vs tube tyre is one such debate that is probably underrated yet dominates the mind of many bikers. Especially, bikers with tube tyres are always in constant discussion to know if they should switch to tubeless tyres.

tubeless vs tube tyre for bike

If you happen to be one of those or are even mildly curious about the tubeless tyre and tube tyre difference, we have got all the answers for you. Even for the tubeless or tube tyre which is better for bike query, you can find all the below mentioned points to be helpful for the same.

Difference between tube and tubeless tyre

Tubeless tyres are generally preferred over tube ones. The common hassles of tyre puncture and the misery it brought make it an easy buying decision for the bike owners. Now, for your reference here are the pros and cons of the tubeless tyres:

Low pressure running

Tubeless tyres can even operate on low pressure. At times, when there are no air filling stations, you can still travel to your destination without the risk of being stranded on road. However, on the other side low pressure is a stark reminder to get the tyre serviced at the earliest.

Puncture issues

Be it a stray nail on the road or a pointed object, you can breathe a sigh of relief with tubeless tyres as there is no risk of tyre puncture. It is this very benefit of tubeless tyres which makes them a hit among bike owners.


Even if the tyre gets punctured, the tyre does not burst with the air pressure. It is a gradual airflow that makes sure that you do not slip or skid on the road. However, with a tube tyre, you run the risk of accident and injury as the tyre might even burst. On the other hand, if you have trouble with tube tyres, it might be a simple issue with the tube only. In such cases, the replacement of the tube means that you can enjoy larger running life with the same tyre.


The absence of a tube means that the tyres are light in weight. Hence, less fuel consumption to deliver higher performance. Also, you do not have to worry about regular maintenance and servicing as is the case with tube tyres.

Servicing Cost

You have to shell out a higher amount to purchase tubeless tyres. If you are worried about the price of the tyre as against the benefits, you might have to think about your decision of buying tubeless tyres. On the other hand, tube tyres require regular servicing and a keen eye to make sure that they are in perfect condition.

Tyre fitting

Tubeless tyres are a bit difficult to fit on the rim. It is better to opt for professional help to make sure that you do not end up damaging the rim. On the other side, with a tube tyre, though it is not advised to lace it by yourself on the rim, it is still easier to do it.

As you can see, the benefits of tubeless tyres outweigh the tube tyres in almost every column. The decision of tubeless or tube tyre which is better for bike, comes down to individual preference and which is within your budget. However, considering the benefits of the tubeless tyres, it is no wonder that tubeless tyres are a lot popular in demand. If you are looking to buy tubeless tyres, you would not have any problem finding the best pair of tyres for your bike. From top manufacturers such as MRF, Goodyear, Michelin, Apollo, TVS, and many more understand the rising demand, and owing to the fierce competition, it is the buyers who get to enjoy top options and exciting discounts and deals.

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