How to Sell Vehicle Online

Is the thought of “How to sell my car online” troubling you? Or are you planning to get rid of your vehicle? If yes, then probably you are looking for local auto dealers but wait you can sell vehicle online too! Read on to know the benefits of online selling.

Problems in Offline Selling of Vehicle

Unlike in the earlier decade when selling a vehicle was done either through known friends or local offline car dealers, today people prefer to sell their vehicles via an online portal. The old way of selling automobiles was hectic and cumbersome. However, the major difficulty in selling a vehicle back then was not finding an auto dealer but deciding the fair price of the vehicle. The worst ones to suffer were those who did not have much info on selling the right price of a used car.

Benefits of Online Vehicle Selling

But thanks to the online auto-marketplace where you can sell car online from the comfort of your sofa. Today with more than 3 lac auto dealers and more than 1.5 million listings present on the website, Droom is on its way to become the largest auto dealer community in the world. Droom is in fact the best place to sell car online in India. The number are enough to prove that not just India, but the entire world is turning towards the online vehicle selling sites to sell second- hand cars.

Sell Vehicle Online

Probably the biggest advantage of selling a used car online is that it saves your time in finding the local used car dealers. Every day millions of people visit the online market place that makes selling a used vehicle faster and hassle-free. Also, selling on online platforms save you from the extra dealer fees.

The Oomph Factor of Online Selling

What truly separates the online selling behavior from the offline is the OBV or Orange Book Value which tells the seller the fair price of a vehicle as per the current market value of that vehicle. Just with a click of a button, you can even know the fair price of a used vehicle in under 10 seconds. The entire procedure right from putting out an advertisement to selling your vehicle is completely transparent and easy to understand. The online auto marketplace is extremely beneficial for both new and used car dealers.

How Droom Helps in Selling Your Vehicle

Droom is currently the largest online auto marketplace for buying and selling used vehicles in the country right now. With 55 Million+ monthly visitors and with nearly 12 Million+ app downloads Droom offers a good platform for both the buyers and sellers of vehicles. Regarding selling, Droom differentiates the seller community into two parts, the first one consists of individual sellers while the second type of sellers is the pro-sellers.

The first type of account is for an individual seller which is meant for a common man who wants to sell their used vehicles from the comfort of their home.

This type of account is perfect for those who do not deal in used cars and want to reach 275K+ auto dealers across the country.  So, it easy for an individual to sell used vehicle through this account.

With the help of this account, a person can sell a vehicle faster and also in a hassle-free manner.  Also, unlike in the offline vehicle dealings, you don’t have to face any negotiation attempts from the buyer side. By using the OBV feature you can rest assured that you won’t get below what you deserve as per the current market value of the car. OBV is Droom’s proprietary engine that calculates the fair price of a vehicle which is based on several parameters of a used vehicle. The entire process is non- conflicting in nature and is completely transparent that gives the seller and buyers the confidence to trust in the used vehicle deal.

The second type of account is called “Pro-Seller Account” which is meant for auto dealers. By selling the vehicle through a “Pro-Seller account” one can reach a massive customer base of 5Cr+ online shoppers. Both new and used vehicle dealers immensely benefit from this type of account as the online portal gives the dealers a good opportunity to advertise their brand.  Also, as Droom also provides certification services on the used vehicles which makes gaining the trust of customer easy for the dealers. The certification services are widely accepted by many banks and NBFC which provide easy loan on used vehicles. The facility of getting a loan on used vehicles increases the customer base for the auto dealers.  Apart from getting the loan on new and used vehicles, Droom also provides insurance and RTO services that make the buying used vehicles from the online portal even more attractive.

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