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Tips To Keep Your Tyre in Good Shape

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a vehicle as they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface. Good quality tyres will give you a comfortable ride experience while bad quality tyres can make you witness a bad driving experience. Here, we have discussed a few tips that would help you keep your tyres in good shape:

Tips to Tyre for Good Shape

1) Maintain correct tyre pressure

Every tyre comes with a specific air-pressure. One should always maintain the tyre pressure recommended by the manufacturer. If you don’t maintain the optimal tyre pressure, it could cause harm to both you and your car. Both under inflated and over inflated tyres are threat to your safety.

2) Check the tyre pressure regularly

You should keep a check on the tyre pressure on a regular basis. But always check the tyre pressure when it is cold because tyres expand when they are hot. This could result in wrong pressure reading.

3) Follow the tyre rotation recommended by manufacture

Tyre rotation is necessary to keep tyres in good shape and this also ensures even wear and tear of all the tyres. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. As the front tyres apply more pressure than the rear ones, it gets worn out quickly.

4) Never brake or accelerate too hard

Always keep in mind while driving that you should not brake or accelerate very hard as this way you put direct pressure on the tyres of your vehicle, which will, in turn, make them loose the rubber quality.


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