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Magic of Droom – Your Car History is Just a Click Away

The excitement of buying a car is something that can’t be expressed in words. The joy of arriving destination in comfort and style is unbeatable.

However, zeroing on a car is quite confusing, as you need to dig a lot of information about a car like fair market price, car reviews, the resale value of the car, etc. But getting the entire information at one portal is extremely difficult to find. However, by using the magic of Droom portal you can get the entire information at one place.

A car is an expensive commodity which not everyone can afford. For the ones that are short on budget, used cars are a good option. But buying a used car from offline car dealers is fraught with risks as you may end up buying an overpriced car which may be not in good condition. Such risks increase if one does not have much knowledge about cars.

Vehicle History Online

But it is now time to say goodbye to these fears as now you can check used car history online at free of cost. It is a wise thing to check the vehicle history of a used car before you buy it. After all, all that shines is not gold. This phrase also applies to the used car market. You might never know what hides beneath the shiny appearance of the car. Therefore, you must check the vehicle history report online that will reveal all the true details. The vehicle report enables you to verify the authenticity of the information that the lender gives to you. The vehicle report is in digital form, so you can also share the report with your friend and car  experts to get some advice on the report.

The process of checking the history of a used car is very simple, all you have to do is enter the details of the vehicle.

Droom has the capability to reveal the history details of more than 200 million vehicles registered in India. The vehicle history information is fetched from the online servers of more than 1000+ RTO’s all over the country. The vehicle history report is generated is unbiased and accurate because the information is fetched from the authorized data providers. Based on the information, a history certificate whose sole purpose is to keep the buyer informed about various details. The history certificate provides vital information like car owner details, number of owners, accidental history, a model of car, year of manufacture and many other factors. The vehicle reports are of two types which are a basic one and a detailed one.

The basic report tells basic information about a used car. The basic report is free of cost while the detailed report cost some. The detailed history certificate is quite affordable that costs Rs. 49. The detailed report contains over 50 different types of information. It is better to buy the detailed report of a used car as it would help you to estimate the value of the vehicle and determine the actual worth of the vehicle. You can look for history certificate of any car in just under 10 seconds.  The process to check the history of a vehicle is quite simple.

Just enter the registered number of the vehicle for which the report needs to be looked up. Then the system will ask for your email id and the verification captcha which you need to fil. Upon successful completion, the user will be provided with the basic information about the vehicle.

If you want to read detailed information about the vehicle then you can either go for the ‘Gold certificate’ or the Platinum Certificate’. The Gold Certificate will provide you with basic information along with some other details like – Registration Module, Blacklist Module, Theft History, Flood Damage History. The ‘Gold Certificate’ costs just Rs. 49. If you want to dig deeper then, the Platinum Certificate would provide much detailed information. The Platinum Certificate provides additional details about a used car apart from the basic details.

The Platinum Certificate gives details like- vehicle registration history details, car owner details, Advanced Registration Details, Vehicle Details, Blacklist Details, Theft History Insurance Details, Hypothecation Module, Flood Damage History, Vehicle Service Logs, Purchase Details. The Platinum Certificate costs just Rs. 149 which is quite affordable given the in-depth details the Platinum Certificate provides.

To sum up, one must do a vehicle history research online before taking the decision.

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