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Buying a Used Car in Premium Segment is an Intelligent Decision

Owning a premium car is a sign of being recognized and a sense of feeling proud. Every individual who is ready to buy a car, always wants something more or special from the car and who else can serve the purpose other than a premium car. Everyone has a dream of owning a premium segment car at least one in their entire lifetime. People even dream of getting at least one ride on a premium car. So, a dream that is dreamt up to this extent and can be fulfilled with a used car, then ‘yes’ people will be eager enough to grab the opportunity.

super cars in india

Just think what it feels like listening to the names – Mercedes Benz C Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi Q5, Land Cruiser, etc. It immediately catches attention and bring a feel-good factor within you. If a name can do so much, think what the real car can do for it.

Advantages of Owning a Premium Car

A luxury car can bring attention for you, fulfil your extreme passion, uplift your social life, create a good impression in business, give unmatched comfort and reputation, and of course fulfil your dream.

A person who is truly passionate about premium cars and who can afford it will surely go for a new car. But you must be aware that the value of a premium car depreciates rapidly with time and mileage. So, this leads to even reduction of resale value of luxury cars. The depreciation of resale value of a luxury car is comparatively much higher than that of any normal car. So, this makes the second hand car price pretty affordable.

The luxury car brands such as Audi, BMW, Skoda, Mercedes, etc. have gained trust of the buyers over the years and have established a strong position in the market by making them personal favorite for many. The comfort and reputation they get for owing a luxury car is unmatchable with any other car, so they happily invest in premium cars.

All these advantages can be experienced even on used premium cars in India. So, why to fear anymore? Get ready to grab your favorite super car at your own budget.

Here are some of the options for you:

1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 250 CDI ELEGANCE 2012

The car Mercedes Benz E Class which is a 2012 model and run on roads for 49,000 Km is now on sale Rs. 14 lakhs only. This is an unbelievable opportunity to grab second hand Mercedes Benz cars at this price range. It is a diesel variant car, which is in good condition as per Benchmark Market Value evaluation and Orange Book Value has suggested its resale value between Rs.19,46,700 – Rs.20,67,114. The Full Circle Trust Score is 8.1, which is a pretty decent score for any used car.

2. BMW 5 Series 520d 2011

This is a BMW 5 Series car of 2011 model and run on roads for 85,000 Km. The first owner of the car is selling the car at Rs. 11.27 lakhs only. This is even a better offer to purchase used BMW cars in India at this price range. This is also a diesel variant car, which is in good condition as per Benchmark Market Value evaluation and Orange Book Value has suggested its resale value between Rs. 17,05,777 – Rs.18,11,289. The Full Circle Trust Score is 8.3, which makes it a good deal.

3. Audi Q7 4.2 TDI QUATTRO 2016

This is only a 3 years old car, which has run for 80,000 Km. This Audi Q7 model is now on sale Rs. 57.72 lakhs. The price of new Audi Q7 starts at Rs 73.73 lakhs and goes up to Rs 85.18 lakhs. So, in respect to the new car price, the price of the used Audi cars in Mumbai is pretty decent. The car is only 3 years old, so the condition of the car will be decent enough. Benchmark Market Value says the car is in good condition and Orange Book Value has suggested its resale value between Rs. 54,83,108 – Rs.58,22,270. The Full Circle Trust Score is 8.2, which is good enough. You will also get RC Copy, Insurance Copy and Service Logs Copy along with the car.

You can choose any of these premium segment cars. The price of the super cars depreciates very fast but not the condition of the car. So, it will be an intelligent decision to go for a used premium car instead of any average car.

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