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Importance Of Seat Belts While Driving

On Indian roads, we witness a very fine line between life and death and one needs to be very careful while driving as well as walking. A very important aspect of our safety while driving is Seat Belt as it would lower the chances for you to meet a road accident. But, only wearing them would not be enough if you don’t wear your seat belt in the proper manner. Even if you become a victim of road accidents, a properly tied seat belt would enhance the chances of your survival. Here are the reasons  for wearing a seat belt every time you drive:

Importance Of Seat Belts
A Seat Belt Can Save Your Life

Driver safety is very much important and here comes the seat belt to play a major role. You should always wear a seat belt when your car is in motion. It saves you from a number of hazards that you might face on road; it saves you from getting hurt by other people’s mistakes too. Also, it gives you protection from aggressive and distracted drivers who are likely to cause road accidents. In case of an accident, the seat belt aids in the following:

  • It prevents you from hitting the windshield
  • It saves you from being thrown out of the vehicle in case of sudden crash
  • It prevents your head from hitting on the steering wheel and the doors

Wearing Seat Belt is the Law

Yes, wearing the seat belt while driving or sitting on the co-passenger’s seat is the law. Violating this law would fall under the traffic offences and it could cost you expensive fines and penalties.

Enhances Action of Airbags

The Seat Belt not just help you from being thrown out of the vehicle or protect you from banging your head here and there, but it also makes the airbags more effective. It ties your body up in a position where the airbags can protect you after a crash.

Wearing the seat belt while driving is the first thing that one should do and keep in mind in order to be safe on road. Road safety is the responsibility of every citizen, but there are many overconfident and ill-informed road users who could bring a risk to their as well as other people’s life. Let’s start it from the individual level and be the change we want to see. So, Belt Up!

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