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How to change oil filters

Engine oil is necessary for the smooth functioning of an engine as it acts like a lubricant that enables smooth movement of the motors. Sometimes impurities can enter the oil chamber through the pipes or other mediums and block the oil passage. If this happens frequently, the engine may not function as expected and might even get damaged. The early innovators designed oil filters that keep the impurities from blocking the oil chamber, the oil filter was a breakthrough innovation at that time, but as the time went by people started facing blockage problems with the filter after prolonged use. Earlier the people had no other option than going to the mechanic and getting the filter replaced, but now you can get How to Change Oil Filters Yourself, by following these simple steps.

How to change oil filters
Step 1 – Rev your engine for a while: To begin with the changing process, you might first need to get rid of the old oil. For which you will have to start the engine and keep it on for some time which will make the inner parts warm. The warm engine will make the oil thin; making it easier to drain.

Step 2 – Drive your car on the ramps: To change the oil filter, you need to get under the car for which the car has to be mounted on the ramps, or you can lift it with the scissor jack at a height that it can accommodate your underside.

Step 3 – Remove the existing oil: Once you are under the car, you have to locate the oil plug and unfasten it with a socket wrench. After the oil plug is opened, the hot oil will start flowing immediately. You will have to be careful once the oil starts flowing as it can be warm. To make the flow faster, you can open the refill lid on top of the engine.

Step 4 – Removing the oil filter: After the oil has been drained, you will have to loosen the oil filter with the oil filter wrench, and this has to be done very cautiously as the oil in the filter might be hot. Then slowly remove the oil filter and clean the mounting socket with a rag and make sure that the gasket from the old filter is not stuck to it.

Step 5 – Replacing the old filter: Lubricate the old filter with fresh oil and while placing the filter back in its place check if it seals properly. Fasten the screws by hand first and then by a wrench. After the filter has been placed, pour the fresh oil in right amounts.

Step 6 – Finalizing the change: In order to check if the filter has been replaced properly, start the engine and check for oil leaks. If you see a leak, cut off the engine and correct it. If you see no leaks, shut off the engine and let it rest a minute or two to give the oil time to drain down.

All these steps are pretty simple and can be done by anyone. However, all of it has to be done with precaution and by observing the necessary safety measures.

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