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Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter

An Air filter is an important part of a car and as the name says – it filters the air that enters your car. Basically, there are two types of air filters in a car, and they both need to be replaced periodically. The first and the basic is the engine air filter which supplies cool and filtered air to your car’s engine for better functioning. The other one is the cabin air filter; this filter has been added to the recently launched cars and is located behind the glove compartment. The cabin air filter as the name suggests filters air entering the cabin. As we are about to enter the summer season in some time, it is the best time to get the air filters replaced. Here are the reasons why you should replace your air filter before summer.

Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter
1.Avoid Pollen: Warm summer weather is ideal for trees and plants to reproduce, and their reproduction involves pollen. As the pollen grains are fine and light weighted these pollen grains keep floating in the air and can get stuck in your car’s air filter. Pollens are the most common things that are found in a car’s air filter, and this powdery substance can reduce the air flow in a car. If pollen gets stuck in cabin air filter in a massive amount, then there is a chance that it would be released into the cabin and these pollens can cause allergy and other types of sicknesses.

2.Interiors smell fresh: Some people often complain of smelly car interiors even after using different products. One of the various reasons can be a faulty or clogged air filter. As the air filter stays clogged with dirt and pollens, the air that enters the interiors of the car passes through this filter making it unsuitable to breathe. In most cases, the clogged air filters cease to provide air passage which gives the odour inside the car a chance to amplify. So, if you care for the ambience of your car, then it is essential that you get the air filters of your car replaced before summer.

3.Prevent Damage: An internally heated car gets damaged faster to which you need to keep the necessary parts of the car properly ventilated. The air that enters the engine of your car needs to be filtered before entering the engine. This filtration is done by the air filters placed in front of the engine. If this filter is blocked or tampered, the engine might stop functioning, or the performance of the car will deteriorate. Things like pollen, dust, twigs, leaves and soot get stuck in the engine air filter causing air blockage and leading to a heated or a damaged engine.

Since many people use their personal cars for going on long trips during the summer season, they are prone to problems caused by a dirty air filter. Hence, summer is the best time to get your car’s air filter changed or cleaned.

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