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How to change air filters

Each and every car that runs on the road has air filters that play a significant role in starting it. What does an air filter do? For the engine to start, it needs air. The air mixes with the fuel or gas, while the ignition creates a spark; this process creates combustion which starts the engine. However, to start, the engine needs air to be as clean as possible and due to the dust, pollens and bird feathers present in the air, this combustion is not possible without a filter. If anything as small as a sand grain enters the engine chamber, it could damage the engine in the long run.

How to change air filters
The air filters need to be changed after recommended usage, if you tell the mechanic to change the filter he might charge you a hefty amount. On the other hand, it is so simple Step to Change Air Filter that you can do it yourself by following these simple steps.

•(Step 1) Locate the air filter box: Different types of engines have air filter box placed in different places. Normally, the air filter box is located on the side of the engine and has a hose coming out of its side.

•(Step 2) Open the air filter box and remove the dirty air filter: It is not hard to open an air filter box and you might not need any complex tools to open it. The air filter is usually fastened with clamp/clips which can be removed by sliding or pulling it with just a little pressure. After you have opened the box, take a look at the air filter. If the filter is dirty or has turned brown, it has to be replaced with a new and clean filter.

•(Step 3) Purchasing the right Air filter: you need to buy the filter that fits your car. You can refer the user manual to see the model that fits your car, if you have misplaced the user manual, you can ask the authorized dealers for the necessary information. Once you have got the information about the filter, you can purchase the filter from a spare parts store or through an online portal.

•(Step 4) Replacing the air filter: Replacing the filter by yourself is not rocket science all you need to do is pull out the older air filter, clean the filtration chamber with a clean rag and then place the new one. The new air filter must occupy the chamber perfectly because if there are gaps and spaces on the sides, it means that you have purchased the wrong filter and it might not give you the desired results. For the filter to work perfectly, it needs to cover the filtration chamber properly and once it fits, close the upper lid and fasten it with clamps or clips.

A simple filter change can cost you INR 500 to 1000 at a local garage or an authorized service station, but by referring the above-mentioned points, you can avoid overpaying the mechanic and also learn something new about your car.

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