Honda Activa 125 BS 6- Jury’s Choice New Scooter of the Year

Honda Activa 125 BS 6- Winner in the category of Jury’s Choice New Scooter of the year

Scooters often attract the college going students, as it is a balance of comfort and style. This modern engine has upped the level of styling.Honda Activa 125 BS 6 has marked its name among the customers and the new generation has fallen in love for its styling and comfortness. Along with the modern equipment and necessary technology this vehicle has left other leading scooters behind and secured the best New Scooter of the year position.
The nominations for Jury’s Choice New Scooter of the year award category were:

  • Aprilia Storme
  • Vespa Urban Classic
  • Suzuki Access 125
  • Honda Activa 125 BS 6

And Honda Activa 125 BS 6 won the award in the category.

Honda Activa 125 BS 6-New Scooter of the year

Judging Methodology

To determine the best amongst all is very difficult.As the vehicles in the category are best in their own ways.The Jury members first set up the parameters which would be appropriate for all the entries in the competition.Each entry is to be judged in the same manner. The judging team is responsible for assuring that each entrant is equally judged and there is no biasness. Based on these parameters the vehicles are tested and the scores are rolled out and the highest scorer in the category rolls out to be the winner.

About Honda Activa 125 BS 6

Due to the degrading environmental conditions, the automotive industry is shifting to the BS6 emission norms. Honda then came up with the new Activa 125 BS6. The main highlight of the new Activa 125 is its BS6-compliant engine. It gets a fuel-injection system which has resulted in a more refined and smoother sounding motor. It even benefits from an ACG starter which uses the same generator that charges the battery to start-up the engine, canceling the need for a separate starter motor. The engine comes to life in one touch of the electric start button. And thanks to the improved fuelling, the new Activa 125 is vibration-free even at its top speed of around 90kmph! The Activa’s suspension also feels settled and takes on the bigger bumps without any drama.

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